About this blog

Hello my name is Sarah and I'm a religious addict.

Or I was.

In June 2012 my family and I left our 'cultish' church after being there for many years [in my case for 35 years].  This blog is set up to document my journey as I heal and learn that it is not that I let Jesus down with my life, it is actually Jesus who is holding me up.  And to keep telling my inner-perfectionist It'S OK TO FAIL!

Freeee to be meeeeeee! :D

So, about me, I'm 40 years old.  Wife to long suffering husband Gary.  A mother of two gorgeous girls - Squidge (10) and Chatterbox (12).  A psychology graduate.  Stay-at-home-mum, carer for grandma, and general layabout life-affirming servant of all. *ahem*  I have a small house, a possessed cat, a love of books, two very squeaky guinea pigs and a love of writing whatever comes into my head.

Me n Gaz

Hope you enjoy your visit.

[I have imported posts from my old blogs because I didn't want to lose them.  I started this blog in March 2013, so posts prior to that are the imported ones.]