About this blog

Hello my name is Sarah.

I'm a lover of Jesus and an aspiring writer.  This blog is the place where I hope these two parts of me come together successfully!

It's OK to Fail is so named because I am a perfectionist and I need to be reminded that it is, indeed, OK to fail.  Perfectionism squeezes the life out of you. In my case, perfectionism leads to excessive procrastination (my home is testament to this).  I am fearful of not being able to do something well enough, so often I don't do it at all.

This blog was originally set up to document our family leaving a 'cultish' church in 2012. To document my journey as I heal and learn that it is not that I let Jesus down with my life, it is actually Jesus who is holding me up.  And to keep telling my inner-perfectionist It'S OK TO FAIL!

However, I've reverted to draft many of the more personal posts, they're just for me now.  In 2018, as I write this, I am beginning afresh.  I want to concentrate more on my writing, and the things that I preach and teach at our current church and out an about in our local area.

Hope you enjoy.

Freeee to be meeeeeee! :D