Monday, 25 January 2016

God's Word is worth the effort

I'm reading the Book of Job right now.  I think it's my least favourite book of the Bible, only because I've never been a huge fan of reading long rambling soliloquies.  I say 'soliloquies' because, honestly, who's actually listening to all that?  It's why I don't read Shakespeare for pleasure. I mean really, stop waffling on and get to the point...and what is the point anyway?

Job reveals my natural impatience.

Too often, when looking at the Bible, we can err towards dismissal of the 'difficult' or the 'boring'. But, to find the hidden treasure we need to dig.  It takes effort, it takes time and we have to delay gratification...oh how we hate to delay gratification these days.  If the Bible was written for today's age, each book would be 140 characters or less.  It would be all sound bites with grainy photos of Biblical characters with hipster beards holding a cups of coffee. #Relevant #Missional #DoingLife #HangingWithJob #Truth

In fact, it is common to be quite self-satisfied in the knowledge that NO-ONE likes to read, for example, we look round confident of confirmation that we are all one in this universal truth.

And yet, if something is worthwhile (and surely we agree that the Bible is at least worthwhile!) then it is worth the effort.  Digging develops strength, it develops perseverance, it teaches patience.

“As a weak limb grows stronger by exercise, so will your faith be strengthened by the very efforts you make in stretching it out toward things unseen.” John H. Aughey, Spiritual Gems of the Ages, 1886.

Then after the effort you reach the treasure.

This is my second time really studying Job, and I am getting so much out of it.  I mean REALLY getting a lot out of it.  I have learned so much and it's made me take a long hard look at myself.  In fact, I am so excited about it I want to tell everyone all I've learned (just a warning in case you know me, you might want to avoid the subject otherwise I am likely to bore you to death with my long soliloquies about the Book of Job hahaha :D ).  All I'll say right now is that I keep penciling in 'Jesus' in the margin.  Everything points to Him and that's the treasure.  The pearl of great price.

The amazing thing about the Bible, about God's Word, is that I know that the next time I study through Job it will be even better and I will discover even more.  And after I've read it twenty times I still won't have understood or gained all that there is to grasp from the text.  It's a HUGE gold mine.

Then I'll talk to someone about it and find out they've learned something different, or they have a different perspective on a verse or chapter, and that's exciting too.

If we claim every book of the Bible is God's Word, we must also admit therefore it must be worthwhile and have a purpose.  If we claim to follow God's Word - Jesus - then we have to accept that the truth of God's Word reveals something to us about the One we follow - and of course the One we follow who IS the embodiment of God's Word reveals the meaning and the purpose of God's Word.

It's all about Jesus - Who points to the Father - Who points to Jesus - Who sends us His Spirit - Who reveals the purpose - which is to point to Jesus - Who points to the Father - get the drift.

So, next time you look at the Bible and think, 'it's too hard', 'it's too long', or, 'what's the point?'  just start to dig.  It's so worth it.


  1. Glad you are getting so much out of Job!

    Also, I like the quote. I've been working through the Psalms and oddly, finding it difficult. Aren't they supposed to be easy?! LOL. However, the quote was encouraging and appreciate you sharing.

    1. Hi there! The Psalms are awesome, but not always easy either. I really like Matthew Henry's commentary, it's long and so in depth...and a tad old fashioned...but I get a lot out of his commentary.

      I'm reading through the Bible in chronological order this year, but decided to do an in depth study of Job because I find it so hard. So I've taken my time and gone through it verse by verse and made lots of notes in my Bible. I could do with one of those journaling Bibles!

      Speaking of Psalms, I went through Psalm 22 for college and, because it is a messianic prophecy, linked it back to all the New Testament passages it prophesied. That was really enjoyable, it took a while but was really fruitful. xxx

    2. oh, how interesting/fun since I'm reading the Matthew Henry commentary. Yes, they are long and sometimes I'm cross-eyed trying to figure out what he's saying, but they are good.