Wednesday, 30 December 2015

A Question of Apologetics

I'm doing a number of Apologetics* lectures in January.  One will be a general overview of Christian apologetics, one will be about Jesus and one will be about the Bible.

[*'Apologetics' is not apologising for anything, it comes from the Greek apologia, which means making a defence. Paul used it numerous times, twice in reference to defending himself, twice in reference to defending the gospel and once in reference to clearing your name in repentance; Peter uses it in 1 Peter 3:15]

Anyway, I have a feeling that most modern apologetics is directed towards questions no-one is asking or is more about people feeling smug that they have all the answers.  So to help me get some interesting stuff for my lectures it would be great to know what people are thinking/wondering.

It would also be great if Christians could also share the things they question the most.  Apologetics is not just about convincing non-believers about the faith, but is a way (I think) of exploring the faith too.

So my question here is:

*What questions do you have about the Christian faith?
*Do you have any questions relating to the existence of God?
*Basically, what questions do you think need answering the most. 

NB: this is not an invitation for arguments about it, just what sort of questions would you say need answering the most?

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Thank you! 


  1. Missed your blogging,glad ive found you again.

    1. Hello there! Good to see you too :)