Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Things around the web I have enjoyed...

Mysterious Balls of Goo Are Rolling onto American Beaches - if this isn't click-bait then I don't know what is. Goo? What does it all mean?

Putting Women in Combat Is an Even Worse Idea Than You Thought - we just need to admit, the sexes are just built differently.

Cats and their Mini-Me's - I challenge even the most hardened cat-hater to not be melted by these pictures!

Hostility Spreads Like a Contagion at Work - just be nice, being mean spreads.

Jewish Peer Who Fled Nazis is Rescuing Christians Fleeing Isis to 'Repay Debt' - amazing story, amazing man.

Barry the Bushbaby - this is just adorable.

This Guy Wins at Dad Dancing - hilarious!

Big List of Spring Cleaning and Organization Resources! - this post title is just irresistible to me, nearly as irresistible as a shop full of wicker baskets *sigh*

Happy surfing!

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