Sunday, 19 July 2015

Long time no see..

...for want of a witty post-title.

Wow, is it really April since I last posted?

What have I been up to?

Well, I've lectured at our local Bible college on spiritual abuse, I've preached at our church about 'Oaks of Righteousness', I've been looking after Grandma more often because my mum's been poorly, hubby after he had his gallbladder operation, and then he was looking after me when I caught what was most likely an E Coli bug that I am still recovering from.

The girls have both finished school now for the summer holidays. Yay!  Squidge has finished primary school for good, she's 11 now and will be starting high school in September.  She was so emotional leaving primary school as all her friends are going to a different high school.  I must say I got a little emotional too, my baby is growing up far too fast.

So some rest is in order.  I need to get healthy after this bug and to just get right and enjoy my time with my girls.

Resting, B Higham
Then I have numerous jobs around the house that needs doing.  Sort out the garden. Reorganise our filing.  Sort out some drawers that are just full of stuff.  Tidy out a cupboard that is full of boxes that I haven't gone through properly since we moved house.

I'm hoping to do some blogging too.



  1. hello, hello! my cat, Gretchen, is sniffing up my shoes since we were just out geocaching. something apparently has caught her interest.'s your bootsy? hope you get that much needed rest!

    1. Hello there! Lol, Boots is as mad as ever. In fact she is staring at me right now wanting me to let her in - she has the wildest eyes when she wants to be let in, haha. I'll tell some Boots stories perhaps in a new blog post.

  2. I was wondering where you were! These bugs can be so unpleasant, do take care.

    1. Good to see you Elizabeth! Yes, it was an awful bug, horrid, but I'm tons better. Well enough to eat chocolate and drink wine! :D xx