Friday, 24 July 2015

It's my birthday...and other general chit chat

I'm 42 today.  I'm like WELL Chatterbox would say.  Although, yesterday whilst I was cleaning at my Grandma's flat (she lives in sheltered housing) one of her very elderly neighbours came out to see why one of her windows was wide open (Grandma never opens her windows for fear of wasps and burglars), I was distressed to see this little old lady wearing exactly the same jacket as me!  A jacket that I thought was very hip and young looking! Perhaps I need to update my wardrobe? LOL

Hubby bought me a lovely bottle of single malt whiskey.  I am slightly suspicious that really he's bought himself a little present there!  But he did take the time to find an oak aged one, which I love.

The girls are having a sleepover at their nana's tonight and me and hubby are going out for a meal. Should be lovely. Yay!

Mum and Dad are coming around later for cake and coffee - two of my most favourite things - mmm cake and coffee.... The cake must be large and the coffee must be strong and black.

Well, I'm not sure I've ever shared a tour of pictures of our new (ish) house.  We moved here in November, so perhaps I'll take some time to take some photos later.

I mentioned in one of my other posts that I've been ill recently.  We think it was e coli and one of the places I could possibly have picked it up is cleaning out the cat litter tray.  So I'm slightly very paranoid about getting sick again because I was really, really poorly.  Hubby took a sneaky photo.

Hahaha, lookin' goooood! :D

Have a lovely day. xxx


  1. Oh be careful about putting plastic bags over your head! So sorry you have had such a bad time.
    Have a very happy young!

  2. Haha, I will be careful! :) Thank you xx

  3. trying again...I keep trying to write that I hope you had a good birthday,but it's not going for some reason. Hopefully this time...