Friday, 12 December 2014

It's OK to Fail - because He never does! Day 12 Advent.

Scripture:  "As the horns blew, the peple began to shout.  When they heard the signal horn, they raised a tremendous shout.  The wall collapsed, and the people stormed the city".  Joshua 6:20

Name of Jesus: Mighty God (Isaiah 9:6)
Symbol: Horn


In scripture the horn is a symbol of God's strength.

My blog's name is "It's OK to Fail".  After years of it being drummed into me by my cultish church, that I was 'letting Jesus down' I learned that actually it was the other way around, He is holding me up

And I realised the stupidity of it all.  How could I possibly 'let God down'?  He is MIGHTY GOD!  I need Him to hold me up.

Like the Israelites, I don't need to fight to please God, I'm not here to blow my own trumpet...but His.  I need to praise His strength in me BECAUSE I AM WEAK! Yay!  And let's glory in that weakness, because that is good!

It's OK to Fail...because He never does.  Trust in Him, He'll never let you down.

Happy Advent!

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