Tuesday, 8 July 2014

New Creation

Those who have been faithfully visiting my blogs over the years will know I've had a few blogs: 'Seeking His Glory', 'Faith, Hope & Love', 'A Bend in the Road', 'Another Bend in the Road', 'Like Sunshine in the Home' and this blog now.

I've often wondered why I would blog for a while and then have the desire to delete and move on.  The reason I stopped 'Another Bend in the Road' was that I was freaked out by a troll, but all the other blogs it was that I wanted a new start.

This current blog is because I wanted to leave behind the pain and the embarrassing things I used to believe when I was part of my old cultish church.

But, I know in my heart of hearts, that the real reason is that I was in a constant battle - who I am and who I thought I ought to be.  I kept changing blogs and deleting them because 1) I was uncomfortable with myself and felt I wasn't as good or interesting as other bloggers and, 2) I was in constant cognitive dissonance between what I knew was right but what I accepted from my old church.  I didn't know who I was.

One thing I am finding peace with now is who I really am.  To find my true identity as Sarah - not a mini-version of that pastor from that cultish church - but Sarah. 

We are all created with a specific identity, personality, likes, dislikes, humour, etc.  God created us all unique.  Of course, life is a journey, none of us are perfect, we all have edges that might need shaving off, we all have weaknesses and failings.  But it's OK TO FAIL!  Because through failure we learn, through failure we realise we need Jesus, through failure we turn to God.  God wants to transform not conform.

So, without fear (ha!), I've transferred all my posts over from Like Sunshine in the Home and Another Bend in the Road.  They start in 2009.  Sadly I didn't keep older posts from my other blogs - such a loss.  If I wrote something that was embarrasing or legalistic or wrong - well that's where I was at that time.  We move on, we learn - it's all a journey.

Be who God created YOU to be today!  Enjoy being God's child.



  1. Thank God that when we do fail, and fall, He is there to raise us up.

    1. He is indeed. This is a lesson I've learned recently. I moaned to a lady from church, "I feel like I've let God down!" She replied, "You're not the one holding God up, He's holding you up".

  2. I get the fresh start of a new blog!! I had to switch to a new one because of my "old cultish church" as well!! It was painful and a lot of people who were reading my blog used it against me ... but it is in the past, and God has given me so much grace since then!!

    Blessings to you as you blog for HIS glory!! :)

    1. Thanks Conny, it always helps to know that I'm not one lone crazy person deleting blogs due to weird church-stuff!

      Blessings to you too! As you say, God gives us SO MUCH grace - grace in abundance. I hope I use that abundance to bless others with grace too.

      Big hugs to you today xx

    2. Oh, Conny, if you have a blog I'd like to stop by but couldn't find it via your profile. xx

  3. I've been following through all your blogs lol I love you Sarah, and I will continue to follow whether you make another or stick with this one. I also remember very well the problems you had with that troll, just glad you're free of that.

    I love the idea behind this new one, it's so true, it's OK to fail :)

    Oh and I checked out that cottage you gave me the link to.....oh my word I wish I could go, it's beautiful. Hope you enjoy it :)

    1. Thank you! Love you too Sandra. I think it was a world cup when I started commenting on your blog those years ago! LOL

      I knew you'd love the cottage, such a beautiful thatched cottage. I can't wait, I will no doubt share lots of pics. xxxx