Saturday, 12 July 2014

Lazy Saturday

It's lovely to be lazy, to rest and relax sometimes. To have nowhere to rush to, nowhere to go, no-one to see. We've not had much of that recently.

So I've had a nice time this morning.  Done a bit of reading, a bit of praying, a bit of pottering, a bit of gardening, a bit of sitting here typing this.

I've been to Bible college this week, I really enjoyed it.  The topics covered the Cross and prophecy.  I loved it.  I was particularly exercised by the teaching on the historical cross and the 'current' cross and it's effect on our lives.  Christ died once for all and our sins are eternally dealt with, but there is a daily application of the cross to our lives - carrying our cross, etc.  Very good. Lots to think about.

We had a lovely evening with Gary's mom and dad on Thursday, eating out at a local Tapas restaurant. Lots of fun.

Last night we had a couple view our house.  They live on my mum and dad's street. It seems a strange move to us, but we don't care the reasons LOL. Hopefully someone will buy soon!!

Today I've been pottering in the garden.

My hydrangea bush is blooming nicely...LOL amusing shot of my toes too.

Even a horrid fly is made beautiful by its surroundings :) (Click on the picture to see better)

My gorgeous dahlias - it's a constant struggle to stop the slugs devouring these.

I love my garden, but I am no expert.  The bare patch below was full of gorgeous happy pansies.  They were healthy and beautiful, but then one by one they started to wilt and die, so did a number in my pots.  I watered them regularly.  But no, they still wilted.  So I researched and found out that it could be a number of things.  Digging discovered a number of tiny worms - some tiny white ones and also some slightly bigger brown ones.  I then researched how to deal with them, but our local garden centre didn't have what I needed. 

So I dug them out, rinsed the roots (which were eaten up), removed the top few inches of soil and repotted the pansies with some rooting powder in new compost in a couple of pots.

As you can see above, some have revived, but some are just brown sticks.  My pansies failed last year too, it's very frustrating.  But IT'S OK TO FAIL! :)

My other plants are doing well (ignore the tall grass, haha).

Happy days. x


  1. Hi Sarah! I like it that you are learning more about the cross. I have a little "clinging cross" that is made of wood and fits perfectly in my hand. You'd like it!
    I did not know that worms like pansy roots. One year (isn't this always the story?) my pansies were incredible! They thrived! They lasted all summer and through the fall! Now, they are just "so-so" and I guess that's okay.
    Where will you go after you sell your home?
    I'm glad you are having a good morning. When I have a distracted morning like I am having right now (ha!) I usually know that I am tired. Yesterday was a busy and tiring day. Reading and a nap. Yes!

  2. we just put hydrangeas in our front area. totally re-did it. (I probably won't post about it though.) it still needs help. :) but it'll get there. I love flowers, but hate taking care of them. your's are looking great!

  3. I love Hydrangeas, not only are they beautiful but they smell amazing :) I think your garden looks wonderful, and I agree, a day of doing nothing with nowhere to go and just being lazy is perfect.

    Have a wonderful rest of weekend :)