Saturday, 17 May 2014

So what's going on?

Just some things that have happened.  Nothing gripping. Just chit-chat.

Boots just ate a blue-bottle fly.  I heard it buzzing in her mouth...and then she crunched it.  YUK!

I've been on a short course at Bible college looking at the Book of Job.  Job is my least favourite book of the Bible, I like the beginning and the end, but the discourses just go on TOO long.  However, I got myself a commentary and attended the course, and the book means so much more to me now.  I'm quite interested in the concept of redemptive suffering now.

I have too many books on the go:
  • Let God Be God: Life-Changing Truths from the Book of Job- Ray Stedman [the Job commentary I mentioned above]
  • Sacred Rhythms - Ruth Hayley Barton [About creating space in various ways to seek God taking inspiration from monastic traditions.  To be honest I'm not getting much out of it...but hopefully will have the willpower to finish LOL]
  • A Reformation Reader - Denis R. Janz [A compilation of various theological texts from the Reformation and pre-reformation period from both sides of the fence. Each text has a brief introduction]

Got a stack that I want to read too.  *Sigh* not enough hours in the day.

Husband broke my garden swing today.  I was sat on it, reading A Reformation Reader, enjoying the sunshine and I thought to myself, "Chuh! Bloomin' husband sat in the living room on a nice day like this!"  So I told him to come and join me on the swing, to which he harumphed but obliged.  After about five minutes of sitting his side of the swing collapsed.  Curses!

And then he "fixed" it...

Such artisan skills

We did some work on the garden today.  I've been busy over the past two weeks planting and tidying, but as usual I've let the whole thing slip so far that it's a bit of an uphill task.  I'll post some photos perhaps but it's getting dark now.

I've also been painting the bathroom and toilet.  The plan is to decorate the house ready to sell..AGAIN. Lol we've been down this road before and been unsuccessful, so please pray.  Pray for wisdom about timing and price and all that jazz.  We've tried to sell many times over 10 years, we've not be entirely happy here but we want the people who buy to love it and enjoy it, so please pray about that, thanks!

Granddad has had some operations recently on his head - some cancerous growths - he's in quite a bit of pain.  I was going to visit, but Dad said that he wasn't feeling up to it, so perhaps next week I'll get over there.  Please pray for his recovery, he's had skin removed from his neck to graft.  At 95 years old it doesn't heal quickly.

Please pray for Mum too, she's been quite poorly, she's diagnosed with polymyalgia rhumatica and was in quite a bit of pain.  She's on steroids and they are helping, but she's very tired and the steroids have side-effects.  She's fed-up with being ill.  I'm basically in charge of Grandma at the moment, which is fine, but I just want Mum to be well. is that everything? I think so.

Have a great weekend. :)