Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Poorly Chatterbox and other tidbits

Chatterbox has been off school today.  She's got sore throat, headache, sore nose and tummy ache.  She looks so pale poor thing.

It was my first day at Bible College today and fortunately my Mum and Dad were able to look after her for the morning whilst I was out.  She lay on their settee playing games.

Bible College was fun.  There were three speakers today.  The focus was firstly about the counterfeit things the world and the devil offer us compared to the truth and wonder of God.  Then a chappie spoke about fruit of the Spirit and then another chappie taught some from Philippians.

Last night was fun too.  We had a ladies evening at church.  The topic was the pearl of great price and then afterwards we all got creative and made cards or bookmarks with all kinds of pearly and sparkly pretty things.

Right now I'm glad I have an easy tea to make because I am so tired.  Getting back into the swing of early mornings again after the Christmas break is always a bit of a shock to the system!

Someone's living the life of Riley!
Hope you're having a good day!



  1. Praying that your studies prove a real blessing [to you and others] - and that you manage to juggle home/study satisfactorily [with enough time for sleep!] Good that parents on hand to help. Thanks for your comment on my blog- looking forward to your quiche recipe next week!!

    1. Thanks Angela. I will share my quiche in all it's glory (...I hope!). :)