Thursday, 2 January 2014

Day 2 of 2014

What have a done today?

Well, today I had an appointment with the dental hygienist.  Exciting, life on the edge type of stuff you know. :)  I'm not a huge fan of dental work, even simple hygiene work.  I spend the entire time trying not to gag or choke.

I've finally (and rather lately) planted out my daffodil bulbs.  Squidge and I ventured out into our soggy sodden garden to plant them out.  I'm praying we don't have a hard frost for a bit to give them a chance!

Chatterbox went up to Malham Cove with a friend today, so the rest of us had emptying the shed and taking a load of stuff to the tip.  I've been on a real 'life laundry' thing at the moment and just want to throw everything away. The shed was full to overflowing!

I've done my weekly grocery shop.  Bought some pretty towels and tea-towels from TK Maxx with some of my Christmas money.  Now I'm blogging and roasting a chicken with various veggies and honey roast parsnips.

I've never really enjoyed cooking.  I haven't the temperament - I'm forgetful and impatient.  So things are either burned, I've forgotten to defrost time I forgot to make an evening meal at all, or, I overestimate/underestimate the time things take to make/cook.  I find being in the kitchen boring.  BUT one of my goals for this year, is to eat healthily and to eat more things from scratch and to GET OVER hating cooking.  Maybe I'm a lost cause, but I am determined! I WILL ENJOY COOKING probably. I will share my successes, and, if I am brave, my failures. LOL

Here are a few fun photos from the last couple of weeks:

Chatterbox looking like a little [storm] trooper - she's quite the Star Wars fan

Put a box in the middle of the floor and the cat will sit in it


The girls opening their presents on Christmas Day - can you see the cards on my fireplace? They'd all fallen off over night!

Here are my honey roast parsnips, a spoonful of runny honey, a little salt & pepper, mixed with some olive oil, smear over parsnips, cook for 30 minutes.


Hope your New Year has started well too! :) x


  1. I had a friend who's mom hated cooking, but loved good food so consequently she was a great cook. Don't suppose that helps you much? :) Hope you have a fun time in the kitchen. Something you want to do with your girls perhaps?

    1. Squidge in particular wants to learn to cook. I keep telling her I'm not the best person to do that because of my concentration span issues! :D I can cook when I put my whole concentration in, but it only takes the littlest thing. LOL

  2. I don't love cooking either, for many of the same reasons that you mentioned. Can't wait to see if you can learn to enjoy it.

    I love it when you post pics of your kitty and your girlies.

    1. I would love the learn to enjoy cooking. I read some blog where the blogger just love cooking...I want that :D

  3. Oh - I love cooking and baking and if I do say so myself, I am pretty darn good. The one thing that helps me when I get the cooking blahs is to remember cooking and baking for those you love is a way to demonstrate your love in a meaningful and tangible way.

    You can get in your garden. Lucky you. We have had the ground covered with snow since before Thanksgiving and we have had an unusually cold December with a huge number of sub-zero Fahrenheit days (freezing on the Fahrenheit scale is at 32 degrees and when I say sub-zero, I mean below zero F). We have many nights in the teens below zero and it is supposed to get even colder next week. Garden work is months away. You don't know how lucky you are.

    BTW I totally agree with your statement on my blog "it [is] both exciting and terrifying." I honestly don't know how it happens.

    I was very frustrated with The Desolation of Smaug - the end of the movie had me very exasperated. Happy New Year to you too. I am sorry that I haven't been very good at keeping in touch. I have been in an emotional slump since my Dad's surgery - I think I am finally getting over it.

    1. I have tried to look upon it as loving my family in the past. It's the attention span issue, and then I get all cross with myself because I've forgotten I'm cooking, or even forgotten to cook!! :D

      The weather here has been awful, rain, rain, rain. Our garden gets so boggy. But I needed to get out and plan my bulbs, they were started to sprout in the shed!

      Chatterbox is at the cinema right now watching The Hobbit...I'll let you know what she thinks (we boring adults weren't allowed to tag along...which is just as well because I haven't seen any of the other Hobbit films, I need to catch up first).

      I'm still praying for your Dad

      Hugs. xx

  4. Hmmm don't know what to say about the attentions span thing - I know it was a problem for me when I was a lot younger (my Mom came home to burned food more than once) and even when I was first married but, I seem to have gotten over that - maybe my brain is just slower and more focused in my old-age. ahem. ;)

    1. I think I just need a little more planning and making enough time for it too. Oh and prayer!! ;)