Monday, 13 January 2014

Bathroom work, weekend, and update on Granddad

We are having our bathroom done finally.  But it's not been easy.  Our plumbing is old and complicated and our bathroom is small.  But in around 10 days all the work should be done.  I'll post some photos when it's all finished.

I'm blessed to have my mum and dad living close by so that we can use the shower and also just be at their house because it is SO cold at home because the heating has been turned off whilst they work.

Boots (the cat) is not impressed AT ALL.  All the banging and strangers in and out of the house has totally stressed her out.  Poor puddy-tat.

So right now I'm at my mum's, I've just done some ironing, had a shower and put a load of washing in her washer.

Gary came back yesterday from a trip to the Lake District for a friend's stag do (that's a bachelor party for my USA friends).  They did clay pigeon shooting, carting, paintballing, walking and biking.  He was exhausted, LOL. But he certainly got plenty of exercise! :)

Chatterbox has gone back to school today after time off sick.  Poor thing.  She's still not 100%, but well enough to go back I think.

I visited Granddad yesterday.  I didn't take the girls up to see him because of Chatterbox being poorly.  I waited in the hospital café whilst my mum and dad went up to see him. The plan was for mum to come down after a while and sit with the girls whilst I then visited Granddad.  It was quite cold so I ordered a coffee for me and hot chocolates for the girls.  They came in those cups with lids and stupidly I said to the girls to take the lids off so that the hot chocolate would cool quicker. Instead what happened was Squidge spilt hers all over the table, Chatterbox, the floor and her hand. It scalded her hand.  So I ran over to the chap behind the counter and he got me some iced water and some napkins to put on her hand.  I cleaned up and tended to Squidge's hand and it soon was fine again.  After about 15 minutes Mum and Dad turned up to take me to see Granddad.  I said to them, "You'll never guess what L's just done?" And with those words I demonstrated...far too well.  I spilt my coffee everywhere, including all over my new coat!  Well, we did laugh.  I said to the chap running the café, "I bet you rued the day we came into your café!"  Hoist by my own petard. LOL

Anyway, Granddad is not doing great, his chest is awful.  He has a drain fitted.  He's also not eating.  He looks so frail and he's so tired.  Please continue to pray.  Particularly for his salvation. Even if he comes through this he may not have many years left.  I'm so grateful for your prayers and love

So, that's where I am up to with things.  How was your weekend?


  1. you have much going on! Still praying for your granddad.

    1. I know. I feel I could sleep standing up at the minute. Thank you for continuing to pray. I really appreciate it xx

  2. Oh Sarah - I will pray - He is in God's hands and timing.