Wednesday, 7 August 2013

More humour therapy...

Hahahaha this so looks like Boots.  Perhaps she has a secret life.

Anyway, Gary is on the phone to his sister, so a brief post. Boots has finally calmed down after coming home from the cattery.  She's been so stressed out, poor kitty.  Last year, knowing her stress levels, I got her some tablets from the vets to calm her down whilst she was in there.  Perhaps I should have done that this year too. On the first day back, she was purring away happily, then turned on me full claws hissing crazily.  She was cat-on-the-edge.

Yesterday I had a brief snooze...well it turned into 2 hours but that's another story...fortunately Boots decided she was hungry.  I woke up to her licking my elbow.  When I woke up she said, "Mew" hopefully and then ran off down to the kitchen.  Which takes me to this funny cat picture:

Today she's been very chipper, following me around meowing and rolling around showing her belly so that I will scratch it.  Life's never dull with a cat.

Originally posted on my old blog 7/8/13. Republished here 27/3/14.


  1. my cat, G, does the same thing...almost. she likes to make it quite known that she would like to be fed. she'll stare and stare and stare until we move then she quick runs to the kitchen where she thinks we'll feed her. goofy cat. ;)