Friday, 9 August 2013

Friday's Fave Five

I've not done this meme before, and it looks fun.  I'm trying to really focus on my blessings.  Focusing daily on our blessings, and having gratitude for them, has been shown to improve mental health generally.  This has apparently been proven in some scientific studies.

A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. ~Proverbs 17:22

Before I get to the meme I just wanted to share also that I watched an interesting programme on BBC2 about this: The Truth About Personality, this chappie suffered from lifelong pessimism and insomnia.  He undertook a series of experiments to improve his general outlook, two of which were meditation and spending time each day focusing on photographs of happy people.  Sounds strange but it really did work for him, I'm not sure that it made him into Pollyanna or anything, but it did change his brain-wave patterns and made him look automatically for the positive rather than the negative.  It was SO interesting.  Do watch it if you have time, it's an hour long but fascinating:

Humour is also a good way for me to 'look on the bright side' too, nothing like a good chuckle to cheer you up. :)

So anyway, here's my Friday Fave Five!

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1. Our holiday

Every year my Mum and Dad take us away on holiday.  We never have enough money to pay for a holiday ourselves so this is a great great blessing.  This year we went to Cornwall, to a place called Bodieve near the small town of Wadebridge.  We had fantastic weather, only a couple of days of drizzle and cloud - which in England is a huge bonus!  Cornwall is a beautiful place, I've always said that my dream is one day to retire there in a small old cottage on the coast.

2. Birthday!

I turned 40 on holiday!  Yes, I know, I don't look a day over 21.  Here I am opening my cards in the cottage.  My Dad looking resplendent in his slippers and Squidge still in her jammies.  It was a lovely day.  They made my breakfast, and I got some lovely presents! I am loved. :)

3. Eden Project

One blessing we see often, but daily take for granted is the beauty of plants. Trees especially are essential to our survival, they provide oxygen and are an integral component of the water cycle.
Whilst we were there, we visited The Eden Project. The project aims to educate about and protect the earth's plants.  There are two biomes to visit, the rainforest biome and the Mediterranean biome, plus a whole host of other things to look at.  It's fascinating. 

Inside the rainforest biome, which is SO humid and contains butterflies and birds flying around, there is an aerial walkway.  It is unbelievably high up.  It is suspended from the top of the biome by wires, so when you're walking up the steps and standing on the platform it is swaying.  Also, the floor is metal mesh, so you can see right through.  It is not something for the faint hearted!

The high suspended walkway

Photo from the platform

A butterfly in the rainforest biome
Outside the biomes, the metal-man you can see at the bottom right is made from discarded electrical equipment
4. Birds of Prey and Jellyfish

You know, God has created some amazing beautiful creatures.

Whilst we were there we also visited the Cornish Birds of Prey Centre.  What an wonderful place.  It is immaculately clean, the birds are all well cared for, I think all of them are rescue birds.  Birds that have been mistreated or given up by their owners.  Apparently the Harry Potter films led to lots of people deciding to keep owls!  What on earth possesses people to think that they can keep owls as a domestic pet?  Anyway, here are some pictures.  Such beautiful creatures!

Not a bird, but still a beautiful creature! :) Squidge having fun on their zip-wire

This made us chuckle.  Poor Romeo.

Speaking of fascinating creatures, here are some jellyfish from the beach. Chatterbox was not impressed one day at the beach, there were hundreds of them in the sea.
Apparently this kind of jellyfish can give you a painful sting
Investigating jellyfish in a bucket - these kind don't cause a painful sting - but we didn't touch their tentacles just in case!

5. Family

I just love the summer holidays.  I love them because I get to spend more time with my girls and when we go away with family it's even better!

Have a most blessed weekend!


  1. Hello! i don't think I'v ever visited your blog's lovely! I love your vacation pics!! (my FFF is all about our vacation too!). My oldest daughter would LOVE that biome place and all of us would really like the birds of prey place. My husband has worked in the past in England and thoroughly enjoyed his time there. He was near a little town called Newcastle I believe?? I can't really remember but he loved his 5 months of working there. Someday we want to go to London.Well, enjoy your weekend and welcome to the FFF!

  2. Hello, thanks for visiting! :-)

    Was it Newcastle-upon-Tyne? That's a city in the North East, I went to university near there.

    I'll pop by your blog later and check out your pictures.

  3. Welcome to FFF! And a very happy birthday to you! Your vacation looks wonderful by the sea. I would love to visit England one day. The biodome looks like a really interesting place to explore and visit. I would love the the walkway! We have a Birds of Prey centre just 10 minutes away from us in the neighboring little town. A very interesting place to visit.

  4. Hi Susanne, I enjoyed my first FFF! :) Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Your holiday pictures are lovely! Just looks beautiful. So glad you joined us here at FFF!!

    Have a great week ahead, and it's great to "meet" you!

  6. Your holiday pictures are just beautiful! Sounds like a peaceful, restful time.

    Happy 40th birthday!

  7. Oooh - all sorts of lovely activities on vacation!! Yeah for all of you!! It sounds absolutely wonderful...I am a bit jealous, I think. ;)

  8. Melissa, it was a fantastic holiday. Squidge cried when we got home, LOL