Friday, 9 August 2013

7 Quick Takes vol 228

My cat, as my blog-friends will know, has mental issues.  She drives my husband mad.  I often wonder what a pet psychologist would think. I talk to her about her issues. Oh yes, I talk to my cat, it's not as bad as talking to plants!  Anyway, applying psychology, I think she is suffering from separation anxiety.  Yesterday we went for a short walk and she followed us to the end of her little territory and then started making the weirdest noises (which Boots is rather good at), sort of like, "A-ROW-ROW-ROW, A-ROW-ROW-ROW", in a deep sort of possessed cat-voice.

Speaking of pet psychologists, this clip from Frasier is hilarious:

Our latest favourite comedy programme is The Big Bang Theory.  Don't you just love Sheldon? Jim Parsons plays the part amazingly well.  I love the Rubik's cube tissue box, I saw it on eBay. WANT! But we're a bit skint at the moment so it'll have to wait.  I had to look up how to spell Rubik's...I thought it was Rubix, but obviously it was a cube designed by Rubik, hence Rubik's cube.  See? Apostrophe for possession, so helpful.  Just saying. :P

One of my favourite Big Bang episodes, Penny takes Sheldon to Disneyland and comes up against some custody issues with Leonard. :D

Speaking of Leonard. Sheldon calls him homunculus, which generally refers to a small perfectly formed human. This is now Squidge's new name.
The girls have been enjoying themselves at a church holiday club all week. They love it. Chatterbox is helping to look after the younger children. She just loves it, and they love her. She has a real gift with little ones.
Speaking of Chatterbox, she is 12 in just under 2 weeks. Twelve! Where did the time go? They grow up so fast. These school holidays are such a blessing, to spend lots of time with them because it goes so quickly. *sigh*

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