Saturday, 27 July 2013

Grammar, hoaxes, and things that make me cross on Facebook

Grumpy Cat has nothing on me - image from Grumpy Cat

There are some things in life - mostly on Facebook - that make me cross.  They cause me such distress that I want to set people straight and I have to literally handcuff myself to a radiator to prevent me from correcting them.  Now there's something else that annoys me: saying 'literally' when really I have never handcuffed myself to any radiator, I just wanted to be dramatic.

I wonder why I'm like this?  Why can I not let it go that someone has put 'your' when they should have written 'you're'?  Why do I want to correct people when they share those silly hoaxes? Why do people share things just because someone told them to share it?  Yes, why do these things make me grumpy?

Perhaps I'm just a grumpy cat.

LOL :)

I'm taking part in Jen from Conversion Diary's 7 Posts in 7 Days Epic Blogging Challenge.



  1. 'Pacific' when they mean 'specific', 'less' instead of 'fewer'...You and I must share a genetic link to Lynn Truss!!
    [please note that I said 'you and I' - I can get wound up by you&I/you&me confusions!]

    Summer blessings x

  2. I don't like it when people borrow things to their neighbors instead of lend them things.


  3. Or say, could of, instead of saying, could have. :)