Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Day 2 of the blogging challenge...

I'm taking part in Jen from Conversion Diary's 7 Posts in 7 Days Epic Blogging Challenge.


Well, if you've been living in a cave you won't know that the Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to a son, the future king of England.

It was interesting to read all the statuses on Facebook.  Statuses ranged from really pleased, to 'I don't care', to 'I hate it all', to 'I am above it all and eschew all baby related statuses'.

I love babies.  I cry if I watch a programme called 'One Born Every Minute'.  As soon as that baby's born I'm all welling up and emotional.

So I was all excited about this birth, a) because I do like the Royal Family and b) because it's a baby!

I like to see the excitement and the festivity.  We Brits can be rather cynical about stuff and it's great to see people genuinely excited about something (the Olympics and Jubilee were fun for that too).

It does rather irk me though, when people turn it into a Christian 'let's point out you're all wrong' thing, 'we would never have any other king than Jesus' thing.  The whole, 'How can you possibly get all excited about this birth, he's just an ordinary person, the real important point is that a baby was born in Bethlehem...etc, etc.'

Totally grinds my gears.  I get excited when a friend has a baby, does that mean I don't love my own babies more?  I get all excited when birds have babies for crying out loud - cute little chirpy things.  I get drawn into the excitement about a royal baby and then it's like somehow some people think I'm (and anyone else who gets excited) taking away some of the glory from Jesus!  No, He is the King of kings, Lord of lords.  There will be kings (and the Bible tells us to honour them) but I know there is one eternal King. Nothing can take that away.  I love Jesus.

Yes, I am quite capable of distinguishing between a human being who is born into a royal family and the eternal King of kings. Thanks for pointing it out though.

Thing is my irritated reaction is a bit of a throw back to our old church.  For 30 odd years I had to listen to the Pastor bang on about how he'd never bow to the Queen and how he'd never call a judge 'lord' because he had only one King and only one Lord, etc, etc.  Except, by gum the Queen obviously really did affect him because he didn't half go on about it endlessly.  In fact he expected everyone in the church to follow these 'rules'.  Fact is, he had very left wing political viewpoints and it had nothing to do with his love for Jesus, it was more that he thought that extreme Christian socialism was the answer with a 'benevolent' dictator at the helm. [That's the problem though, ha, you get rid of royalty nothing becomes equal, you just get yourself a president or a dictator or an emperor - worldly authority will always have it's power issues til the day Jesus comes so I think let's just enjoy the awesome royal family and all the pomp and ceremony and amazing history.] 

So when I hear the same old rubbish being spoken in the name of Jesus I feel a bit sick.

Well, that's my off the cuff post today.



  1. I don't have time - but do you have Netflix? If you do, I have a baby documentary to recommend. ;)

  2. How can people be so silly. We are just delighted that the baby has arrived and that they are both well.

  3. Melissa - I don't have Netflix, what is the documentary called? I might be able to find it somewhere else.

    Elizabeth - I dunno, haha. I was so excited to see them come out of the hospital with that little baby. Question is, does that little baby know what he's in for? LOL

  4. Here is a link to it on IMDB - it is fascinating on so many levels -


  5. I love babies too, and was excited about the birth! Even my husband was excited!! :) I'm thankful he arrived safely and all went well with the birth. I really enjoyed all of the photos that were shared. I agree that people can be so silly about these things.

  6. Thanks Melissa x
    Susan i just love babies x

  7. Thanks for mentioning this in your comment, I really enjoyed reading it. I've heard the American takes on it, but it's nice to read an insider's perspective.

    I do think all that no king but Jesus stuff gets taken too far and is often used as an excuse for just plain rudeness.

    And what about all the Kings and Queens who are saints? I like the both/and approach myself. It almost always works out for the best.

  8. Hi Kendra, thanks for stopping by. It was good to see someone else blogging about the same thing :)