Monday, 22 July 2013

Day 1, the blogging challenge begins...

I'm taking part in Jen from Conversion Diary's 7 Posts in 7 Days Epic Blogging Challenge.


My two girls love one another deeply, but they also love to annoy one another.  Last Tuesday I mentioned about how Chatterbox was annoying Squidge by singing the tune to Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring in a loud and rather obnoxious voice.

Here's the full story:

I've sent them both upstairs to tidy their rooms because every surface, including the floor and tops of their wardrobes, is strewn with stuff.  It's not long before Chatterbox starts singing Bach's lovely tune in an annoying shouty voice.

A few seconds pass, then I hear Squidge shout downstairs, "MUMMYYYYYYYY, B IS DISTRACTING ME, I CAN'T CONCENTRATE!"

"What sort of concentration does one need to tidy a room," I muse to myself, but say shout, "JUST GET ON WITH IT!" [My neighbours must love this, we have thin walls, ha].

A few minutes pass, then Squidge is in floods of tears storming down the stairs. "MUMMMMMMMY, B WON'T LISTEN TO ME!" [Then in 1940's melodramatic actress mode] "NEVER, in my ENTIRE LIFE, has anyone ignored me like this!"

I must admit I laughed, so she backtracked a bit.

"Well, people have ignored me before, BUT NEVER B, NEVER LIKE THIS!" More wailing.

Now Chatterbox is stomping down the stairs mouthing protestations of innocence, etc.  So Squidge ratches it up a notch.

"AND! AND, she THREW me out of her bedroom!!"

"I didn't THROW her out of my bedroom, I asked her nicely to leave but she wouldn't, so I picked her up and put her outside my room!" Sayeth the Chatterbox.

"AND THEN, SLAMMED THE DOOR!" adjoined Squidge.

"The window was open!  A breeze took it from my hands!"

"No it didn't, YOU slammed it!"

"No I didn't, Mummy I DIDN'T!"

You're not allowed to laugh, because this is a LIFE AND DEATH situation.  So I tell them to get a grip and get on with tidying their rooms.  It isn't long before they're best of friends again and making new mess with their Build-a-Bears.

 I love being a Mum.


  1. Sigh - my girls never do anything like that ever, ever, ever (Goodwill today, anyone). :)

  2. I laughed too! Very cute story. You just gotta love children... :)

  3. It's good to laugh, but by gum they can be frustrating!

    Melissa - haha, I'm not sure I believe you! ;)