Friday, 26 July 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 226)

This is my first ever '7 Quick Takes', I thought  I'd join in to help give me some inspiration for an easy and quick post for my 7 Posts in 7 Days challenge.  Because I'm on holiday at the moment I don't want to spend too much time blogging otherwise I will be exceedingly unpopular amongst ma famille.

I dropped red wine on the carpet yesterday.  Why?  Why do people carpet their holiday cottages with the palest of pale beige carpet.  Much scrubbing commenced.  I think I've got the stain out.  Otherwise that's one expensive mistake. :)

Squidge is constantly upside down.  She's always been upside down.  I've even found her on the stairs upside down reading a book.  She has now decided she wants to be a gymnast.  I think she'd be rather good at it for a number of reasons: 1) She is constantly upside down; 2) She's quite fearless, she'll climb to the top of the tallest climbing frame like a little monkey and then hang upside down and swing (I invariably have sweaty palms in playgrounds because she frightens me to death with her exploits); and, 3) She has a never ending supply of energy, she will bounce and jump and run from the second she wakes up to the second she falls asleep.  We have a video of her at the age of 2 leaping from one sofa in the living room to another - she flies through the air like those flying squirrel things

Squidge's new name is homunculus.  A homunculus is a perfectly formed miniature human being of folklore.  We first heard about it on Big Bang Theory.  It's Sheldon's name for Leonard.

Speaking of Big Bang Theory.  I love it.  So funny!  One of my new favourite comedy programmes.

I spent some birthday money yesterday.  I bought a GORGEOUS key box in a gift shop in Wadebridge.  It has the Tree of Life engraved on it.  Love it. Love it. Love it.  Plus it will hopefully encourage me to keep my keys in one place, rather than the daily rage around the house, "Where ARE MY KEYS!?!"

I also bought a book, 'A Dictionary of Celtic Saints'.  I know very little of Celtic Christianity and I would like to know more.  Hopefully the book is good.  I bought it in a little bookshop in Wadebridge.  The lady in the shop was having a bad day. She was rather cross about a busker who had been singing outside her shop since, "10 O'Clock this morning!"  Apparently she was going to make her complaint known to the council.

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  1. Try putting a little white wine on the red wine stain. It works!

  2. So I've heard, but it seems such a waste! :D

  3. I was finally persuaded to watch Big Bang Theory earlier in the year and ended up spending large chunks of the Easter holidays catching up on old series. Very funny! And I know what you mean about the upside down child. I have a picture somewhere of H dangling backwards and head down from the sofa reading. Strangely she wasn't the gymnast child. (Way behind and out of order with reading blogs, I'm afraid!)

  4. Lily would love to be a gymnast, we are trying to find a local club that isn't too expensive or too intense!

    We're watching Big Bang Theory right now! :)