Friday, 14 June 2013

A tour around my garden

Some close ups of some of my lovely flowers.  Warning there are a LOT of pictures!  I'm really enjoying the garden this year.

I must point out that these are close ups because if I do wider shots you might just see the weedy bits of the garden and we can't have that can we?! :) Plus, I broke the lawnmower and I am sure I saw some gazelle in the resulting long grass the other day, I wouldn't want to scare them off with my camera flash.  However, the gazelle might attract lions, then poachers...perhaps I need to borrow a lawnmower off someone.

One day my garden will be splendid enough for a wide-angle photo...that's if it hasn't been decimated by the hunters and tourists on safari. :P

This hanging basket is dangling from my bench-swing.
A pretty basket I was given

I planted this in its pot a few years ago, it blooms wonderfully, but I think it needs re-potting once it's finished flowering.
One of my flower beds - pansies everywhere in my garden. :)

Look at the lovely huge pansies - the area behind has just recently been dug out and planted, it was all overgrown.

Hanging on the shed.

Boots watching the guinea pigs - the hutch is just to the right of this picture.

 More pansies in my flower beds and pots.
Another picture of the area we recently cleared.   There are flowers other than pansies here - you can just see the edge of a Dahlia to the left! LOL

Pots at the front of the house.

White rock overflowing.
There was a bit of a gap under the fence next-door put in next to our drive, just added a bit of extra soil and planted some flowers....lovely!


  1. What a colourful garden. I do like pansies, they are so cheerful!

  2. All of your flowers are just beautiful! I can see why you enjoy them.

    And the first part of your post made me *laugh*. What a delightful sense of humor you have! :)

  3. Thanks I do love my flowers. Xxx

    I rather like the wildlife too Michele ;) LOL

  4. flowers are so pretty! and they do make things more cheerful. :) yay on your flowers.