Saturday, 4 May 2013

Who is in control?

One of my HUGE (and justified) bugbears is certain drivers who seem to think it ok to drive along with two wheels on the pavement whilst I am walking past with my children.  I have had various altercations with people on this very score.  One van driver finally apologised to me after I'd pointed out his multitudinous faults. Being the forgiving type I graciously shouted at him, "AND I SHOULD THINK SO TOO!!", as I stalked off in the opposite direction, head held high with Squidge looking terribly embarrassed.

But I am right to be angry, I know I am right.  They are driving dangerously and illegally.  I have every right to make my anger known.  But, apart from the very sweet van driver who responded with an apology, most people are unaffected by my displeasure.  I see them week after week around the school and local streets doing the same thing. Too impatient to wait, they drive along with two wheels on the pavement to get past whatever is obstructing their path - pedestrians, other drivers, the road....

I get the same anger in relation to people who do not pick up their dog's poo.  "PICK UP YOUR DOG POO!" I shouted at some fella on the field near our house (NB: in the child's play area of all places), "YOU pick it up!!!" he screamed back.  You see, shouting at people just makes them generally unreasonable.  It doesn't work.

One day, after such an altercation,  I heard in the quietness of my heart, "Who is in control?"

It was one of those moments of clarity.  The only one in control in these situations is the other driver, who is generally oblivious to my anger.  But if I relinquished control to God, then I could surely at least hold my tongue.

My anger stems from fear.  Fear because I am not in control, fear because at that moment everyone else is, fear that *something bad might happen*.

If God is truly in control I have no reason to fear.

This does not necessarily mean total passivity always, it may be fruitful to speak to someone directly about something - unless they are driving, in that case you'd have to do something daft like throw yourselves under their wheels to make them stop - which believe me in my red-mist moment I have many times considered doing!! HA!  But what is does mean is that I can take a step back, to not allow circumstances or people to control my emotions, but to allow God control.

Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him;
Do not fret because of him who prospers in his way,
Because of the man who brings wicked schemes to pass.
Cease from anger, and forsake wrath;
Do not fret—it only causes harm.
~Psalm 37:7-8

Originally posted on my old blog on 4/5/13, edited and posted here 28/3/14


  1. Meekness - do you want me to go on about my travel to much typing and I want to embroider...

    I am reading to great books on it...

    'humility the forgotten virtue' Mack


    "Deliver Us from Me-ville" by David Zimmerman...

    I feel your pain...

  2. Wow Sarah, this is a really good and thought-provoking post. I've been thinking a lot about my reactions when things don't go my way or things happen that I feel are terribly wrong. I never thought that some of my reactions might stem from fear or not allowing God to control.


  3. Melissa - I'd love to hear your travel to share! :)

    The books sound interesting.

    Michele - I think that hardest thing is to listen to the gentle prompt of the Holy Spirit when really I want to give into my emotions screaming at me. LOL