Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The best laid schemes...

O' [Sarah], Gang aft agley,
An' lea'e us nought but grief an' pain.

Aye, Rabbie Burns knew what he was talking about.

Yes I have grand plans for the day, and I am ignoring the sense of impending doom that often clouds my big plans.


This is my confident proclamation for the day.  The small print says that this will mean that by the time Gary gets home from work the house will be awash with a sea of paper and I will have a headache and be a bit grumpy.

But I don't ever read the small print, so I forge ahead.

Such a cute picture, just like my Boots.  From here: Flickr

It's a lovely day today. The sun is shining.  The washing is on the line.  The guinea pigs are pigging around the lawn hopefully reducing our need to get the lawnmower out. :)

I am absolutely not noticing the finger-prints and dust on the living room window that the sunshine is highlighting, no, it's not there, I can't see it. ;)

I have plans to pull out dandelions in the garden too, but one thing at a time.

Have a lovely day. xxx


  1. it's been lovely here too. that's funny about boots. ;)

  2. Oh can I relate!---I redid all of our filing recently, thinking it would only take a few hours. WRONG! It took me the entire day and by the end of it my back was killing me. But it's done now and it feels good to FINALLY have it taken care off.

    I LOVE the pic you shared, I thought it was Boots, LOL. :)

  3. emerrube & Michele: the living room is awash with paper still LOL :) I pulled some weeds up in the garden as well.

    The day has been pretty much a success, just need to shred some eceipts and file the rest.

    Boots surprisingly has been snoozing all day, usually when I do something like this she comes and sits in the middle of the papers. :)

  4. Ugh - I am reorganizing the basement and trying to figure out how to keep the explosion of craft and fabric supplies under control.

  5. Melissa I love reorganising, it just take such a loooong time that I often get frustrated by interruptions and life getting in the way and give up.