Friday, 10 May 2013

Bible Verses and Meaningful Quotes

I've just read one of Michele's posts A Prayer and Scripture Journal where she links to another blogger's Scripture Journal, this particular blogger (a lady called Susan) has many organised categories in her journal.  Anyway, my own journals are messy and all over the place but I do have a system of saving scriptures and quotes into categories so that I can refer back to them when I want to.  I use envelopes.  When I come across a scripture or quote that is meaningful to me in some way I write it out on a small square of paper and save it in labelled envelopes.  Some scriptures/quotes may fit into many categories, in those cases I write them out a few times and save them in different relevant envelopes.  I keep the envelopes in my bedside drawer to refer to when I want.

It's easier to explain in pictures, Boots helps out in making my system more attractive as you will see. :)

All my different envelopes

Boots being helpful

Obviously caught a whiff of her armpit

Some of the categories - as you can see I can't spell repentance! :) LOL you can just see Boots' paws at the top of the photo.

The one on the right, 'A man will be satisfied with good by the fruit of his mouth' is full of scriptures that remind me to try to concentrate on speaking the good that God does rather than negative things (I need to read this often).

On the left you can see one of my scripture notes made on the little squares of paper.

Some examples from my Gossip/keeping secrets/covering shame envelope

Psalm 34:7 is in here twice.  Doubly meaningful! :)
Hope you enjoyed your little tour. :)


  1. What a wonderful system you have! There is definitely more than one way to do this....I think the main point is to do SOMETHING.

    And I LOVED seeing Boots in the midst of it all. Like you put it all on the floor just for her. ;)

  2. Haha I had to keep pushing her away to just take the photos! She was determined to lie on them :-)

  3. that's funny about boots. glad you have a system. :) like Michele said it's good to do something.

  4. Boots just loves helping me sort out my scripture notes ;P

  5. I think Boots loved being in the pictures!
    What a good system you have, it puts me to shame.

  6. If I ever have any papers out boots materialises and sits on them :-)