Thursday, 11 April 2013

Cooking, baking and being a general domestic goddess...

It's hard to admit in the world of Mommy blogs that I am RUBBISH in the kitchen.  Facebook knows it well, I am often lamenting some kitchen disaster or another.

I have a talent for burning food and oven gloves.  I nearly killed me and Chatterbox once with an incident with an oven glove, we nearly passed out from the smoke - so toxic and thick. Urgh - BE CAREFUL WITH OVEN GLOVES (they should come with a health warning).  At work I burned a hole in an oven cloth, they were amazed.  No-one had ever managed to burn an oven cloth before on a hot plate that wasn't hot enough to burn an oven cloth.  Yes my people, if Britain's Got Talent ever allowed me on the show I would most certainly win, but I feel that it's a talent I should only share with my family.

Rice - always gets burned.  So, I tried to make it in the microwave yesterday, I followed some instructions I found online to the letter and it boiled over.  I open the door and it floods my countertop.  Then I can't pick up the microwave plate because it's covered in boiling hot water.  If I pick it up with my new super dooper flame, burn, heat resistant expensive oven gloves that Gary bought me (which already has holes in because of my previously mentioned miraculous oven glove burning ability) then the water would seep through the oven glove causing me to drop the plate.  So I had to put plastic bags over my oven gloves to stop the hot water seeping through and scalding me.


Cakes and pizza are awful.  I must admit this isn't just my fault, I have a slimline oven which is terrible.  The heat is too intense (I think the heating elements are in the base, top AND sides).  Cake and pizza is burned at the edges and uncooked in the middle.  Even if I turn down the oven temperature they still burn around the edges and are uncooked in the middle.  So frustrating.

However, I've just seen on Sandra's blog that you can enable a cake to cook evenly by wrapping damp towel strips around the edges of a cake tin.  I might try that and see if I have any success!  Here's her post: Cleaning, Cake, Cooking.  Oh and if you love cooking visit her food blog, Full Bellies, Happy Kids one of her lasagne recipes I adapted for us and it is a great success - one of my few culinary successes LOL!

I can make a great baked potato though!  Actually I'm OK if I concentrate - I'm one of those people who is always doing 3 things at once.  You can't always do that with cooking.   You need to be checking and stirring.  Instead I set something cooking, wander off, get distracted and am brought back to reality by a loud hissing spitting noise or the smoke alarm going off. :)


  1. My experiences aren't quite as extreme as yours (LOL), but I almost always end up burning something when I don't stay focused and try to multi-task while cooking. ;)

  2. I don't mean to laugh, but I am seriously giggling over here LOL

    You are just too funny LOL

    I'm thinking your rice boiled over because the container you cooked it in might have been too small for the amount of rice you were making. I make mine in the microwave too and it always turns out fine LOL

    You crack me up, and it's one of the reasons I love you.

    1. Lol I love you too!

      The container was a big Pyrex dish. Should I not have had the lid on I wonder. Anyway it tasted better than burnt rice :-D

  3. You are funny - I think it is good you moving to an office job. ;)

    I don't even want to know how you burn rice. We live on rice here.