Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Still enjoying the sunshine and pesky Vikings!

Well, it's another gorgeous day.  I didn't have a great start though.

Squidge has a Viking Day at school.  She has dressed up as a Viking and she had to take in Viking-like food.  One of the items was crusty bread.  So I set a loaf to bake in the bread machine whilst I went out to church group last night.  When I got back the bread hadn't risen properly and was uncooked and very yeasty in the middle.  So I got up early this morning and baked another one...then I extended the bake.  It had risen and was a lovely golden colour, but no!  It was yeasty, doughy and uncooked in the middle and in various places!  What is going on?

So of course then there's a mad dash to the local shop for some crusty bread, Gary can't go to work until I come back because we only have one car and he's late to pick someone up.  Finally we get everything together, set off for school for me to realise halfway there that I've forgotten the apple juice.  So we turn around...EVENTUALLY my little Viking is at school - hopefully she will enjoy her Viking dinner!

Anyway, I'm sitting here with the laptop on my knee watching the guinea pigs through the window.  I've put them on the grass for a little bit of sunshine.  They love to eat the grass - perhaps if I got enough guinea pigs we would never need to mow the lawn again.
Guinea pigs enjoying the sunshine
Of course, you-know-who turns up for a gander.  She is fascinated by them...likes to sit on top of their cage on occasion.  She doesn't seem to bother them though.

"Aha!", said Boots, "Dinner!"

"Ha, ha!" said the guinea pigs, "You can't get at us!"
So, EVEN MORE EXCITING, I have washing on the line - *sigh* it just thrills my soul.

Such a joyous sight!
One of my baskets has tiny daffodils blooming, I have two more pots which haven't yet bloomed.

Spring has sprung.
Mum brought me some daffodils from Marks & Spencer for 10p!  Bargain. :)  You can see them in the next picture, I love spring flowers, so cheery after the winter months.

On the picture below you can see various little clay pots, etc. that the girls have made for me over the years, right from the green blob on the left that Chatterbox made me in nursery.

Kitchen windowsill
Well, I'd better get ready for work!

Have a lovely day, I hope that Spring is springing near you soon! :)


  1. Just one of those days! I've had some like our recent attempt to go to a museum. Sigh.

    Love the window with all the mementos.

  2. Hahahah I just imagined the guinea pigs mowing the grass. That was funny.

    It sounds like it was one of those days, we all have them don't we? lol

  3. Melissa - those sort of days come all to often! It's just life, lol. :)

    Sandra - I could hire them out, guinea pig lawn mowers. :D

  4. somehow I missed that you were back over here! oi. nice post!