Monday, 4 March 2013

Comments again

There are a few suggestions as to why the embedded comment format is not working on some blogs.

One is your browser does not support this format - my Firefox browser works fine but others may not, this post Trouble Shooting Comments for Blogger suggests that problems may be due to the broswer as embedded comments "does require that users have modern browsers and that they have 3rd Party Cookies enabled in their browser."

Second is that some HTML code on your blog is interfering somehow - I've deleted the HTML for my blog background to see if that helps.

Soooo, I'm going to change to full page comments to see if that helps, I prefer embedded comments because you can created better threads, but I don't want to prevent comments getting through...I LOVE comments :) plus I don't generally get huge threads on my blog so it's not like replies will get lost or anything.

But, if you are having trouble commenting on blogs that use embedded comments either update your browser, enable third party cookies, or click onto the title of the post to bring up the whole post and find the comment form.

Are comments working now that I've changed the settings?


  1. No problems with leaving a comment today.

  2. It's working for me now. If you prefer the embedded comments, I bet you could change back to them....I think it was your previous background, (which is a shame because it was SO pretty) only because I had no trouble on any other blogs and I use Google Chrome for my browser, so that should work fine for blogger.

    But this is working fine too. I like the embedded because I like responding to comments with the reply button. :)

  3. I prefer embedded comments too, but I think I'll stick with this for a while. :)