Monday, 25 February 2013


We had a bit of a silly Saturday.  When we were eventually ready to go out for the day we decided to go visit a picturesque village about an hour away from our house...but when we got there it was three cottages and that's all. Not much to see.

Noticing a sign advertising a local stately home which was a short drive away and had a restaurant we thought we'd try there, but it was shut!  I did get this lovely picture in the gardens though:

So by now we are starting to get very hungry for some lunch.  We drove to a farm that takes visitors, but it turned out it would be £28 for us and all it seemed to be was a muddy field with three very fed-up looking donkeys.  It certainly didn't look worth the money.

Faint with hunger...LOL...we drove to a nearby town to visit a museum, but we couldn't find any parking.  When we did eventually park up we realised that we weren't allowed to park there and the museum was now just a restaurant which we couldn't stay to eat in because we couldn't find anywhere to park legally!

Decidedly fed-up we got back into our car drove around and found an ASDA, bought some snacks and then drove to a shopping centre where we had lunch/tea.

Talk about a waste of a day! :)  Better luck next Saturday I hope.


  1. Tim and I used to have days like that - we've been more fortunate since the girls have come along - probably because we try to be more prepared - but I remember those kind of trips.