Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Guinea Pigs

This Christmas Chatterbox and Squidge got some guinea pigs.

When we got them both they were tiny little things.

To the left is Cookie - Squidge's guinea pig, to the right is Jelly Bean - Chatterbox's guinea pig (so named because Chatterbox thinks their poos look like jelly beans, lol)

Squige's guinea pig is now HUGE, well that sounds a little dramatic.  When we got them both we presumed they were brothers.  But one has grown so much bigger than the other.

Jelly Bean to the left, Cookie to the right
They LOVE cucumber and squeak and squeak at me if their daily food doesn't contain cucumber.  I'm wondering if they need to go into some kind of rodent rehab to get over their obvious controlling addiction. :D

Because it's so chilly we are keeping them indoors in a cage, when the weather warms up a bit they'll be outside in their two storey guinea pig mansion.

Because they are indoors they drive Boots a little crazy, she has launched herself at the cage a few times.  The guinea pigs just sit and look at her out of the corner of their eye whilst munching away on their din dins.

Boots in a total state of collapse. :)


  1. The cucumber thing is a hoot!!

    Animals are so very, very funny. Poor Boots.

    1. They're every so excited about cucumber, if there's only one slice left they fight over it squeaking all the time. :)

  2. 'Rodent Rehab' cracked me up! You're so funny. :)

  3. Hahahah Rodent Rehab. That was funny.

    I think they're adorable. And I kind of snorted laughing when you explained why she called him jelly bean LOL