Monday, 31 December 2012

Old film footage

I love watching old footage. Here are a few I've watched recently.

Ladies on Bicycles from 1899 - so graceful in their long dresses, but how did they stop their skirts getting caught? Lol.

The next two are just lovely, school children performing for the camera! What a treat. Lol, these days everyone has a video camera on their phone, not much of a novelty now.

Audley Range School, Blackburn, c1904

More school children from 1905.

The next two are London street scenes. Just look how mad-busy the streets are!

This one from 1903.

This one from 1896.

Here's to a Happy New Year!


  1. We watched old Abbot and Costello and Charlie Chaplin last night - so I've got the old bug - thanks for sharing these. ;)

  2. I enjoy watching these too! They are always so interesting. I like to see the ladies fashions of the time period. I was also impressed with the ladies riding the bicycles in the long dresses. I don't think I could have done that! :)

    I hope you have a very Happy New Year!!

    1. Happy New year to you too Susan! xx