Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas decorations.

Welcome to my home :) Get yourself a mince pie and a cup of tea, and then we'll have a little Christmas tour of my decorations.
Our front door -
the lovely Mr VerityGrace came home from work with this beautiful wreath,
along with two enormous poinsettia plants!  What a sweetie he is. :)

In the hallway.

On the living room door.
The first thing you'll see as you come in through my living room door are the girls' Advent calendars...they're empty of chocolate and gifts now though I'm afraid. :)

The girls' Advent calendars in the living room.
We'll scan around the room from the door now :)

On your right! :)

Living room windowsill - look at my shiny Christmas pyramid!

Living room windowsill - daytime - see how my Christmas pyramid candles have burnt right down now. We have such fun trying to get it to spin, lol! ;)

Fireplace in the living room - I love my lights, lol!  Can you make out my little Christmas village?
Lovely lights!

Christmas tree - Yes, really! ;)
Tiny nativity under the tree...not sure what Mary's doing?
Looks like she's turned round to tell one of the shepherds off! ;)

Now into the dining area of my kitchen...

Poinsettia on our dining table - my husband brought me two of these home,
they're beautiful (you can see the other one on my living room windowsill)!

On the wall next to our dining table.
Here endeth the tour! Hope you had a blessed Christmas and here's to a happy New Year!

Now, would you like another mince pie?  Or marzipan stollen? :)


  1. Ooh, stollen please! That's something I forgot to buy.
    Your home looks lovely, very festive.

    1. I'll cut you a slice, it's very yummy. :)

  2. Everything looks so pretty and festive!

    I love twinkle lights too. In fact, we have a faux wreath with twinkle lights on it and I leave it up all winter. :)

    1. Thanks Mrs B - my lights are everywhere, strewn here - strewn there, but I love them :)

  3. It looks gorgeous!! Gorgeous - gorgeous - so sweet and Christmasy...Your hubs did a great job with the wreath.

    My paternal grandmother used to make stollen.

    1. Aw, thanks Melissa! It was my hubby that got me into Stollen, he remembers it from his childhood in Germany. :)

  4. I enjoyed your tour. Everything looks very pretty and festive! Your front door wreath is beautiful and so are the poinsettias. Thanks so much for sharing! :)