Saturday, 20 October 2012

School holidays and this n' that

So pleased that it is half-term.  I love spending more time with my girlies.  We are having a special day today, me and our eldest girly are going to watch Madagascar 3 at the cinema and my husband and our youngest girly are going swimming (she wants to show him some swimming moves she's learned at school, lol).  We're all meeting up afterwards at Frankie and Benny's for dinner.

Yesterday, I went out with some friends from work, it was nice, but I'm glad that I refused the weird giant green cocktail they bought to share - yuk!  I did taste, but yukky.  Lol.  They were very disappointed with me when I bought myself a lemonade - "Oooh what's that?"    "Lemonade"   "...oh...".

I'm not sure what our plans are for the week.  Some fun, some catching up with housework, visiting my Granddad (who's not been so good recently).

My hours were dramatically cut at work, back to two hours a day, recently due to budget cuts.  I think they were surprised when I was actually pleased!  If I had my way I'd be a full-time housewife, but needs must. At least I get school holidays off, and for that I am so grateful to God.

I'm so excited about the changing colours of autumn, the trees look so beautiful.  Hopefully the weather will hold out so that we can have some nice exploring walks.

Here's to a nice weekend and a super week! :)

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