Monday, 6 August 2012

Menu plan for the week (and a few days)

Here's our menu for the week (and a few days), I normally do my shopping on a Wednesday, but we just got back from our holiday in Devon (well we got back on Saturday) so I need to stock up.

Breakfast – Toast (already had this, the girls had chocolate spread sandwiches - good food at its best NOT).
Lunch - Cheese on toast
Evening Meal - Pork chop risotto (because I always make this when I do a menu plan on my blog!) :)))

Breakfast – Crumpets
Lunch – Chicken soup and home baked bread
Evening Meal – Out for a barbeque (will it rain?? Most likely!)

Breakfast – Toast or cereal
Lunch – Baked potatoes with tuna mayonnaise and cucumber
Evening Meal – Toad in the Hole

Breakfast – Sausage muffins (as in oven-bottom muffins...)
Lunch – Quick sandwich for me, kids are at in-laws for lunch and I’m meeting a friend later
Evening Meal - Chicken pie (not homemade), mash n’ veg

Breakfast – Toast or cereal
Lunch – Hummus and salad pitta
Evening Meal - Lasagna

Breakfast – Pancakes and maple syrup
Lunch – Home-made naan bread
Evening Meal – Penne carbonara

Breakfast – Croissants with jam and butter
Lunch - not sure...
Evening Meal - Pizza

Breakfast – Boiled eggs and soldiers (I am RUBBISH at making boiled eggs...never get them just right, but hey-ho we press on).
Lunch - Cheese toasties
Evening Meal – Chicken, potatoes, bacon Au Gratin (as seen on Sandra’s food blog) with corn-on-the-cob

Breakfast - Toast or cereal
Lunch - Sandwiches
Evening Meal – Burgers baked in mushroom soup and garlic, served with mash and broccoli


  1. Replies
    1. Yay! Did you get our letters we sent before we went away? :)

  2. I'm just no good at making menu lists, and never stick to them if I do make them.

    1. Lol, ask me at the end of the week whether I have stuck to this plan! It's a good way though of focusing my mind when I make my shopping list so that I don't buy too much (or not enough) food.

  3. I have a Lakeland egg-perfect egg timer (link wouldn't copy for some reason, but should be eBay to find on their website). It is a red egg shaped thing that you put in with the eggs, and it gradually turns black as the eggs cook. Clever, and it works - though you do have to keep an eye on it to see when the eggs are done.

    1. I've tried every method...Delia, BBC guide, advice from friends, but I never seem to manage to get the yolk nice and runny and the white sufficiently cooked. But I press-on. I'll perhaps need to get a timer, thanks! :)

  4. I always have the hardest time planning meals.....great job!

    1. Thanks Mrs B, as I said to Elizabeth, whether I actually stick to it is another thing! :)

  5. Getting a boiled egg just right is 99% luck imo. Nice menu plan, Sunshine.

    1. Have you ever tried to prick the egg with a pin before boiling? I find that nigh-on impossible. Can't get the cursed needle through the shell, end up pricking me fingers!

      I need to practice more, I get disheartened by the unrunny yolk or too runny white. lol.