Monday, 28 May 2012

Big fire

I was having fun this dinner time looking for an errant Chatterbox (instead of working in the kitchen where I should have been) who hadn't turned up for her clarinet lesson and her clarinet teacher was on the rampage, when I noticed a HUGE column of black smoke rising up in the distance.

Various theories were put forth, tanker explosion on the motorway, gas cannisters at a farm, a petrol station, a bomb, and most of the Year 1 children (ages 5-6) thought that it was their houses and were quite distressed.

Turns out some silos of solvent had exploded at a mill. Great balls of flame could be seen ballooning into the air.

Unfortunately, two people have been badly burned.  It is worrying that a mill would be allowed to place the silos so close to housing, if the wind had been blowing strongly it could have been much worse!


  1. Oh my!--How terrible and scary. I'm glad it wasn't worse, but still.....

    1. I was amazed it wasn't worse seeing the intensity of the fire and the proximity to people's homes.

  2. Oh goodness, I'm glad more people weren't hurt or even worse.

  3. Did they evacuate the people who lived nearby? That's a bit scary! Poor souls who were burnt.

  4. People on the estate next-to were evacuated for most of the day, the rest of the village were advised to keep their windows and doors shut. Fortunately the wind was blowing the smoke away from our side (the other side of the valley).