Monday, 9 April 2012

Obsessive frugality is as bad as greed

Subconsciously, I have always equated the Christian heart as frugal, probably because the Bible is so clear on the wrongfulness of the love of money and greed.  But I suddenly realised when, for the zillionth time, I got stressed out about spending money even on essential items or worried whether we would have enough for the month.  Wow, I may not often be greedy with money, but I'm just as obsessed!  It consumes my thoughts when I buy food or pay for the girls music lessons.

I think some Christian mothers may have the same issues as me when I see whole blogs devoted to the saving of money.  I would be shocked by a Christian blog which lauded the spending of great amounts of money and obsessed with the acquisition of goods, yet I silently applauded these frugal women who seemingly obsess about every penny and every great deal.

What did Jesus say about money?  Stop worrying about it.  I don't need lots of it, I don't need to worry when times are hard.  Why?  Because our Father in heaven cares for me (and you!).  And Jesus demonstrated this in His life - I chuckle when Peter, at Jesus' direction, went and got that coin out of the fish's mouth! :)

At the end of the day do I really believe that my Father in heaven cares for me or do I spend more time worrying about earthly treasure than I do longing after heavenly treasure?

Something else I pondered recently.  When I buy something at a 'steal' who will suffer?  Are our large manufacturers sourcing outside of the UK to cheap labour in other countries using staff who work long, long hours in order to feed my need to buy cheap when I can afford something at full price?  How much do the smaller manufacturers struggle [edit: I'm mostly thinking the farmers and family businesses] when they try to compete with supermarket prices because of my 'frugality'?

Is it in Buy One Get One Free! that I trust or is it God?

Something I need to pray about I think.


  1. Great food for thought. Thanks for sharing :) ~Alana~

    1. I've been thinking about it on and off, lol, mostly after a trip to Poundstretcher the other day. I thought to myself, "Who has to make the sacrifice so that I can buy cheap when really I can afford the couple of extra pounds and buy something at its true value?"

  2. Not only that but sometimes we miss the point - sometimes we are called to be extravagant - not necessarily for personal happiness or satisfaction but when I buy food to give to someone struggling - or to donate to the food shelf - why buy frugal - why not buy something totally extravagant and bless the pants off of someone else?

    1. Oh I totally agree, when I buy for another who is in need I try to buy the best that I can afford. Unless I was struggling myself, I wouldn't buy budget brands of food for instance. There's nothing worse than a Christian who buys something fantastic for themselves and then thinks they are doing someone a good deed by giving them the cast-offs.

      I did read somewhere that the Christian ought not to be obsessed with frugality, but because we aren't interested in worldly things we can live more simply but without obsessing about it. Any excess money we have we can share to bless others.

      A book I picked up yesterday made a good point that we are told not to store up treasure on earth - but we are also admonished to look after our families therefore it might need the saving of money to support the family.

      It's all about focusing on God, how does my attitude to money bring glory to His Name?

  3. This is a very interesting post with LOTS of food-for-thought. :o)