Sunday, 5 February 2012

Hey cat fans! Some advice please.


  1. Isnt it funny how they like carpet better than all the expencive scratching posts.we have one spot in the lounge and one on the landin and a patch in the babies room (when they sneak in there).I haven used it but theres a catnip spay you could try using to tempt them to the scratching post.

  2. Maybe you could spray the carpet with cat repellent?

    1. Someone suggested that on Facebook, but the thing is she is clawing all the carpets so I would have to spray the whole house. It's worst on the stairs, but if I spray the stairs I fear she will just move to a different bit of carpet - or worse the wallpaper or curtains.

      I think somehow - perhaps with catnip - get her into scratching her scratching post.

  3. Can't address your problem as we don't have cats but I love both scratchers but the Tardis is definitely the one I would get if I were rich and had a cat.

  4. Lexi claws the carpets too. If I catch her and tell her to stop, she does. Lexi would probably scratch a carpeted scratching post, but John doesn't want the ugly thing we have downstairs upstairs. And when we bought a cheap one for got carpet pieces everywhere. Wish I had some good advice for you.