Thursday, 1 September 2011


I love Lavender. I've just bought myself some lavender handwash and some lavender bath oil. We also have a lavender scent plug-in air freshener in the hall - but I don't have that on all the time otherwise it gets overwhelming. Oh, and my Mum just bought me some lavender scented furniture polish! :)

I've just been researching how to make lavender linen spray (for ironing with), it looks pretty simple.

When I mention I love the smell of lavender many people have said that it reminds them of old ladies! Lol, but I don't care. I reckon this is because Yardley (a traditional perfume and scents manufacturer begun Britain in the 18th century) was big on lavender.

I'm not generally keen on flowery scents, but lavender I rather like. I also love scents like eucalyptus and sandalwood. My favourite perfume is Obsession by Calvin Klein.

What scents do you like?


  1. I miss being able to wear perfume and such but I've developed scent allergies so I can no longer wear them. :o( But when I did, I tended to like citrus scents that are fresh and airy smelling. Lemon is one of my favorite smells.

  2. I nearly succumbed to DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom in the Duty Free shop in Spain (though why it is called duty free when it costs more than buying in many ordinary shops I am not sure!). According to the blurb it "combines a blend of sparkling fresh fruits with sheer soft florals to reveal a light-hearted, radiant scent". Hmmm! I rather like rose scented things, so long as it is a light fragrance not a sickly and overpowering one. Also love those Christmassy scented candles.

  3. I love lavender too - I use water and lavender (I don't make fancy linen water) in spray bottle when I fold laundry. :)

  4. Lavender is one of my favorite scents. I usually wear a lavender/vanilla scent whenever I go out of the house. I also like Obsession. :)

  5. Lavender may not be one of my favorite scents, but it definitely doesn't remind me of old ladies. :)

    I like the scents of rose and cotton. I used to have a cotton scented after bath splash that I adored, until, of course, it was all gone (I found it at the dollar store). :)

    You have a beautiful blog. I love how you captured the clarity of that ladybug in your blog header picture. Very nice! :)

    ~Madame Wildflower

  6. you know what I saw recently? violet gum. I think it was by chowders or something like that. I thought it was weird. :) not that it has much to do with your post...

  7. Oh it's not as weird as you think. I've not had the gum but I am rather partial to
    Parma Violets