Friday, 5 August 2011

Warning - photo overload!!


Our hotel - The Disneyland Hotel - it's very pink! The girls loved the fact that we were staying in a pink hotel. The theme is Victorian style in this one.

The girls also loved the revolving door! Round and round and round.

Disney Studios. This part of the park was brill. Can you see 'Hollywood Tower' in the background. It's the Tower of Terror and you are in a lift that is falling etc. I chickened out, but hubs and my dad went on it.

The Foyer of the hotel.

Mum went on the Dumbo ride with the girls whilst Dad, Hubs and I went on through the Phantom Manor. Phantom Manor was a bit of a disappointment and broke down halfway through! Lol. The queue was so long for Dumbo that when we'd finished at Phantom Manor they were still queuing.

The Slinky-Dog ride in Toyland. The girls loved this ride. It was like a mini-rollercoaster for children. Squidge also went on RC Racer (click to see an image of it) which was quite a 'thrill ride'. Chatterbox went on Crush's Coaster (click for an image) but the poor thing, she doesn't like 'white knuckle' rides but we thought it was a kiddie-coaster - WRONG! It was quite the scary-coaster - wheeling around up and down and on its side in the dark! She was terrified and it took quite a while for her to calm down afterwards. All the way round she was crying, "I want to get off! I'm going to be sick!" And I'm saying, "Just hold it in, just hold it in!!!" LOL.

The Disney characters were always milling about in the hotel. We got lots of lovely pictures. Here is Friar Tuck in the foyer with Chatterbox lurking in the foreground.

The girls decided they wanted to be joined at the hip for a while!

Chip n' Dale in the hotel.

Mary Poppins in the parade.

We waited ages to get a good spot on the parade.

Mickey and Minnie on the parade

Squidge was picked out of the crowd to dance with Goofy in the parade (she has the purple T-shirt on).

Me n' Squidge on a rocket ride.

Meeting Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Squidge was so disappointed that Cheshire Cat wasn't milling about. She loved Cheshire Cat.

Squidge and Hubs driving.

The main street in Disney Studios. Chatterbox is there on the left LOL the right, Chatterbox is on the right! It's a good job I wasn't the one doing all the driving in France! (They drive on the right whereas here in Britain we drive on the left). When we first arrived in France Hubs wrote on his left hand 'L' and his right hand 'R'. He was fine once he got used to driving on the right though, the roundabouts were the most difficult to get used to. Oh and their zebra crossings - I couldn't get used to French zebra crossings. Some had walk and don't walk lights, some didn't but the drivers just drive right across whatever! Scary.

Sleeping Beauty's castle

Hubs and Squidge with Rex.

My next set of photos will be from Brittany.


  1. What fun you all had. I couldnt bear the white knuckle rides! My grandchildren, of course, loved them!

  2. Looks like you had a blast. :)

  3. you fail to mention..

    chickening out of the Hollywood tower of Terror!
    And that being made to jump at phantom manor when they announced the breakdown!!

    and finally... i did forget once to drive on the Right!!

  4. Husband! I did mention that I chickened out, chuh, you're not reading my post properly! :P


  5. Looks like y'all had such a fun time! Your hotel was so pretty! :o)

  6. I had to come back and say that I got quite a giggle about having to remember to drive on the right. Of course here in the US we drive on the right and when I think of y'all driving on the left it makes me nervous!--I can't imagine doing it that way. LOL

  7. Elizabeth - I like some white knuckle rides, but not all.

    Melissa - we had a wonderful time!

    Michele - the hotel was so lovely, beautifully done.

    As for driving, I left all that up to hubs, as he says he did forget once to drive on the right, but if it had been up to me we'd have been all over the place! :)

  8. It looks like you could enjoy most of the things. Good family fun!!

  9. Thanks for the pictures! It was just like being there. Glad you had such a good time minus the scary parts! Betty from Texas

  10. It looks like you had a fabulous time!! I'm glad you had a good time...the hotel was very pretty! We went on the Tower of Terror at Disneyland last was pretty scary! Thank you for sharing your photos.

    Have a great week! :)

  11. What fun! And the gite looks gorgeous too. We took our older two to Disneyland Paris when they were 8 and 5. Fun but exhausting! I would love to take Cherub some day but she freaks if she sees dressed up characters, so until she outgrows that Disney just isn't an option.