Monday, 4 July 2011

Busy bee

I've just been offered another 20 hours a week work at the school where I work (I currently work 10 hours a week in the kitchen). It'll be in the office, it's only until the end of term (2 weeks and 2 days). This has come as a blessing from God - we need the money and I need some more recent office experience (it's what I used to do before I had kiddiwinks).

The good thing is that there is only 1/2 an hour of it which is outside school hours, so my parents will have the girls for that 1/2 hour before I finish. My parents only live over the road from school so it works out great. It's also only until the end of term, there is no work during the holidays except for the one day I have to go in to help clean in the kitchen)

I know it will be hard, it's a big jump in hours. So my 31 Days of Prayer series may fall by the wayside - you understand. If you've been praying along with me I've provided the link to the site in my 31 Days posts, so you can pop over there on the days I miss out.

We had a busy weekend. Hubs' work had their open day on Saturday, so we were there all day. It was amazing to hear of the work that they do. They work in young people's lives and many have been brought to salvation in Jesus. They work in prisons, on the streets, in homes, in churches, in missions...and then more. It's amazing to hear testimonies that tell of drug addicts turning to Jesus and giving up their old life and restoring their family life, etc. It was a fun day too, the girls had a wonderful time, playing on bouncy castles and having their faces painted.

Sunday was busy too, we went to church as usual, came home, had dinner. A girl from church came over to play, they're bouncing on the trampoline and I suddenly hear, "GET MUMMY, ARGHHHH, GET MUMMY, ARGHHHH!" Well, my heart was in my mouth. It's Chatterbox, she's gone over on her ankle and can't move her foot and it screaming in agony.

So off we go to the hospital. Wait, wait, wait. See nurse. Wait, wait, wait some more. See another nurse. Sent off to X-ray. Get X-rays result card. Go back to nurse. Wait, wait, wait some more. Nurse sees us and says we need to wait for a doctor to see the X-rays. So we wait, wait and wait some more. Eventually we are told the foot isn't broken but she's damaged her tendon. So plenty of rest, up on a cushion with ice on it for a while. No sports for 2 weeks.

Poor Chatterbox. Her foot is a nice shade of purple and is swelled up like a balloon. But the poor thing, she's going to miss Sports Day at school, she's going to miss her day of meeting her teacher for next year, she's going to miss her Greek food tasting day. She also can't go dancing for 2 weeks.

Poor little mite. They have said she can do some light walking on it, best to move it about a little because it will heal better. So I'm hoping she can go back to school before the end of term. She just won't be able to run about.

Edit to add: Husband not impressed that I didn't mention that it was his birthday on Sunday. So here was hubs' birthday on Sunday! He had lots of fun missing the tennis final so that he could sit in a hospital waiting room for hours on end! :P

Anyway, not sure when I will post again. Hope you all have a wonderful week.



  1. Wasnt there a Birthday in there Too?

  2. Praise the Lord for the extra work and pay when you needed it!

    So sorry about Chatterbox. )o: I'm glad she's okay but sorry that she'll have to miss so many fun activities.

    Blessings and Hugs!

  3. Congrats on the new hours for your job! That's wonderful, also it's great that your parents will be able to watch the girls for you.

    So sorry about Chatterbox's accident, and glad to hear that it wasn't any worse. Hope she is doing better soon!

    Happy Belated Birthday to your hubby!! My mother's birthday was on Sunday too!

    Take care...I'll look forward to your posts when you get the chance to do them. ☺

  4. Oh poor little one; and parents to. Just remember to thank the Lord that it wasn't worse and that it will be easier to do the extra needed work. Life with little ones isn't easy sometimes but the love and joy they give you is worth it. Hugs and God Bless!

  5. I had a post written up and the internet ate it. Something about yay for more work, happy b-day to G, and hope the kiddo is back up to her old tricks again soon. :)

  6. Wow!! It sounds like you had a busy weekend and it sounds like you will be very busy for awhile!!

    Congratulations on the job...but I will be sorry you won't be around so much.

    Happy B-day to your hubs...sounds like his life is full too with a very rewarding job.

    So sorry about Chatterbox. I hope she heals quickly - her injury sounds very painful.