Monday, 27 June 2011

Snapshot of life


Squidge - like Bambi on ice.

It's a gazillion degrees out there. You want to try working in a school kitchen in this weather. Phew! With all the ovens, bain-marie, steamer, dishwasher going it was like, well, an oven in there today.

Be advised; Heat not a furnace for your [school dinners] so hot, That it do singe yourself: ~Shakespeare-ish (Henry VIII).

Hope you're enjoying your week!

Pip, pip!


  1. Yeah, that doesn't sound so fun!

    It's been *really* hot here too.

    I feel for you my friend! (o:

  2. We are supposed to be busting one-hundred degrees F by the end of the week - so I feel your pain...

  3. I'd like a little more here. :) I think we are finally going to get some.