Sunday, 19 June 2011

Mmm, Butterfly cakes

with buttercream filling, I made them for hubs as a treat for Father's Day.

...and Boots looking malevolent or snooty, I can't decide which.

Oh and speaking of the kittehs, I LOVE this advert from Cravendale - "Ever wondered why cats stare while you're pouring milk? It's because they know that it is only a matter of time... That time is the only thing between them and opposable thumbs."



  1. Mmmmm.....they look YUMMY! I LOVE buttercream frosting.

    And don't cats *always* look snooty or annoyed? LOL (o;

  2. Buttercream is my favourite filling for cakes too.

  3. I think bootsie looks relaxed. :) I think you've shared that commercial before...on facebook? it's still cute though. :)

  4. R - Nah, I still think she looks snooty. :p

    I posted the advert on Facebook I think. I love it. :)