Monday, 20 June 2011

Dah, dah, oh what are the words??

I often get songs in my mind but for the life of me cannot remember the lyrics. Today was the turn of O Worship the King, except what I was singing was:

Dah, dah dah dah dah, O gratefully sing His power and His love, dah, dah, dah, dah, the Ancient of Days, something about pavilions...and girded with praise.

It has been driving me mad, oh thank goodness for Google!

Here are the words:

O Worship the King: Sung to the Hanover tune.

O worship the King, all glorious above,
O gratefully sing His power and His love;
Our Shield and Defender, the Ancient of Days,
Pavilioned in splendour, and girded with praise.

O tell of His might, O sing of His grace,
Whose robe is the light, whose canopy space,
His chariots of wrath the deep thunderclouds form,
And dark is His path on the wings of the storm.

The earth with its store of wonders untold,
Almighty, Thy power hath founded of old;
Established it fast by a changeless decree,
And round it hath cast, like a mantle, the sea.

Thy bountiful care, what tongue can recite?
It breathes in the air, it shines in the light;
It streams from the hills, it descends to the plain,
And sweetly distils in the dew and the rain.

Frail children of dust, and feeble as frail,
In Thee do we trust, nor find Thee to fail;
Thy mercies how tender, how firm to the end,
Our Maker, Defender, Redeemer, and Friend.

O measureless might! Ineffable love!
While angels delight to worship Thee above,
The humbler creation, though feeble their lays,
With true adoration shall all sing Thy praise.

Such a beautiful hymn.

Hope you're having a super-diddly-dandy Monday.


  1. That *is* a beautiful hymn, thank you for posting it! (o:

  2. That hymn reminds me of assembly at my primary school. At Latchmere Road school the hyms were up on a black sheet with white lettering and this is one I remember singing.

    Singing would be polite, I have no voice, at secondary school I was told my singing was a disruptive influence and was not allowed to go to music lessons but had to do staff washing up instead.

    Hymns were good for widening one's vocabulary, I used to ponder about the word 'ineffable' but enjoy the poetry of hymns and psalms.

  3. Lol, your singing was a 'disruptive influence'? Oh dear! I'm sure you sang with rousing gusto! :)

    There are the odd hymns here and there that I stop midway and think, "What?" Sometimes the language can be a tad archaic. But I love language and I like to look up new words.

    Ineffable is such a cool word.

  4. I absolutely love that hymn...