Monday, 13 June 2011

Brief history of mine

I've been ill this last week. Hence the plethora of blog posts recently. Too ill to clean but not ill enough to blog.

I had an awful headache for three days. After trying a variety of pills and potions I gave up and went to my GP. I have a sinus infection. The anti-biotics he gave me are very jolly. I MUST eat them sitting down or standing up, or else! This is because they disturb the delicate balance of one's belly and if you lie down too soon it'll all come back up. Additionally, I am warned NOT TO GO OUT IN SUNLIGHT when taking the pills. Not sure why I'm not allowed out in sunlight, maybe like Dracula I will turn into a small pile of dust. If I stop seeing my reflection in mirrors then I think I'll pop back to my doctor and ask for the antidote. :P

Just noticed the time, I must away to work. I'll tell you all about Chester Zoo another time.

Pip, pip.


  1. There are some odd rules with some antibiotics. One of mine must not be taken with grapefruit juice! Hope you feel well soon.

  2. I hope you are feeling better soon!! You've been sick for awhile now.

    I bet they make you sensitive to sunlight. My Dad is on many different medications for diabetes and heart disease and three of them make him sensitive to sunlight. He is so sensitive that he has to protect himself while driving or he sunburns through the windshield.

  3. I'm sorry you've been so ill. I hope the pills help. I've never heard of antibiotics causing sun sensitivity, wow!

  4. Poor you.
    A sinus infection is horrid.
    I'm sorry about being so hopeless wih the comments.
    Blogger wouldn't let me sign in.
    I've had this problem before a couple of times. So annoying. I'm almoat tempted to go back to WP, but when I was there before I had problems posting youtube videos.