Friday, 17 June 2011

Back on the vitamins

Hahahahahaha. I love these old adverts. So subtle.

I'm going to re-start taking my vitamins (which I was prohibited from whilst taking the antibiotics - something to do with iron and magnesium). I suffer with low-iron, which makes me very snoozy and breathless when walking up hills. I eat my red meat and greens too. I'm also going to eat more fruit, I am determined (I say this often and slip back into old ways).

Do you manage to get your 5 a day? (Fruit & veg. that is, here in the UK that is the recommended amount - not sure what other countries recommend. Do you take vitamins? Some people swear by them and others think they're a waste of time.

Hubster on the other hand is recovering from a knee operation (you may remember me mentioning it here). He had been suffering excruciating pain. They found two pebble sized piece of bone floating around in his knee cap. They had broken away from his thigh bone. They then drilled into the damaged bone to try to encourage regrowth of cartilage to try to improve the smoothness of the bone (essential in a useful knee cap!). Anyway, the doctor was amazed at how well it had healed and so quickly. He was back at work after a week. We are convinced it is prayer that has sped up the healing process. Thank you God! We will continue to pray that he cartilage grows back because really he needs a new knee - but they are reluctant to do that for someone so young because new knees don't last very long.

Blogger is still annoying me, but I'm sticking with it for now. Wordpress may be the answer, but I'm going to try to stay with Blogger until I get to throwing computer out of window stage.

Pip, pip!


  1. I go in phases with vitamins. I think they *do* help me, especially the liquid form or the liquid-gel caps because I think they dissolve better in your stomach for your body to use more.

    So glad that your hubby is recovering so well from his knee surgery, Praise the Lord! (o:

  2. Glad your husband is doing well.My daughter has rhematisiam and needs variouse bits but shes only 18 and these bits only last about 10 years,she will have fallen appart by the time they do anything about it!I try and manage 5 a day but maybe only make 2 out of 7 days!

  3. defenestration! one of my favorite words. :)

    anywho...glad G is doing better.

    I take some vitamins. I can't do a multi. They don't agree with me for some reason. I take calcium, a b-complex and iron (dr prescribed). I try to take them everyday...but I often forget.