Thursday, 16 June 2011

Agree with God

Ann Voscamp has written over at Incourage: When You Take the Scraps of Lies and Make a Truth Quilt. Someone, named Lisa, in the comments on a previous post shared how she had been living under the weight of lies about herself, lies dictated to her from her life experiences. Ann writes:

Lies are but stalking shadows: looming when glimpsed over shoulders, laughable when confronted head on.

After decades of trying to escape the pain, the lies, Lisa turned on hers. Lisa was done with running. She was ready for reality.

When lies hiss in the heart, the only blade sharp enough to decapitate that forked tongue is Truth.

So Lisa packed her bags up and got alone with God — the person of Truth. She took out a pen and wrote down all her aching past to see how the hurt hissed. But now she read her life story through the lens of Truth, through the glasses of God — and began to see who really, beautifully, was.

This blogger, Lisa, made herself a 'truth quilt'. She embroidered the truths of God that countered the lies of her past. She exchanged the lies for truth.

This really struck home with me. So often we believe the lies and shut out the still small voice of God.

Not so long ago I was struggling, struggling with church and my faith, knowing of my struggles a sister started praying for me. One night God woke her up and told her that He had great plans for my life, that I was to seek His peace and that I was to stop believing the lies about myself. "Tell her she must agree with My Holy Spirit".

Too often we agree with the lies, and in doing so we side with the father of lies. But inwardly the Holy Spirit wants us to rest in Him. We feel unlovable - yet He loves us. We feel failures - He is our strength. We feel angry - He is our peace. We feel worthless - He gave His life for us.

When all is laid out before us who do we agree with? God Who loves us eternally and with a grace and mercy that is unfathomable or the father of lies who wants nothing more than our destruction?

Agree with the Holy Spirit.

A truth which constantly recurs in Holy Scripture is that the arm of God is not shortened, since His mercy cannot be exhausted by our miseries. The power of His grace is no less great today than it ever was.
~ Joseph de Beaufort


  1. Sometimes we need the reminder not only to believe God but to agree with Him...

  2. I often need the reminder. When we start seeing things in a negative way we aren't agreeing with God because God tells us that, though we will have trouble in this world, He has overcome the world! We are to be of good cheer. All negativity about ourselves is lies from the enemy. Of course this cannot be confused with a repentant heart over sinfulness - of course we are going to feel bad about our sin (I would be worried if that were not so). But even then He is merciful to forgive and restore.