Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Posts are like buses...

...there are none for ages and then three turn up at once!

Today we visited Shibden Hall Park. We didn't go in the hall today, though I did get some pictures outside the hall.

We rowed about in a boat (well my Dad did the rowing, if it'd been me we'd have gone around in circles) - Squidge wasn't impressed at all, she cried most of the time because she was convinced we were going to sink. No 'messing about in boats' for relaxation for Squidge then!

They enjoyed the small ferris wheel ride though. Chatterbox screamed the whole time, lol!

Walking up towards the hall.

Shibden Hall dates from 1420 and has had various buildings and structures added over the years.

Squidge is rarely upright.

We had a lovely day.


  1. looks like a beautiful day! and a beautiful place to go.

  2. What a beautiful place to visit.

  3. Love the pics. I wouldn't be comfortable in row boat either you can tell little one that. I love that the girls get history lesson and so do we.

  4. Those photos are so lovely, makes me feel like I am there, what a wonderful place to visit. Thank you for sharing. I love the blog and all your interesting things you show, Hugs for your day, Barbara