Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Thus Would I Live

I would crave wealth, not riches as I live:
The wealth of learning with a quiet heart.
An open mind with leisure time to give
To poetry, to music, and to art;
The time for children's laughter, time to learn
The wisdom of the sages of the past;
The time to watch the stars - a candle burn
In sacrificial fire to the last.

I would speak gently though the din be loud,
I would move softly without hurried haste,
I would be inconspicuous in a crowd,
I would conserve the energies we waste;
I would see beauty in each common task,
Each bird, each tree, the clouds that light shines through.
This is my heart's desire - the thing I ask:
To daily grow as God would have me do.
by Grace Noll Crowell

Found here: Home and Heaven
Picture: Flickr


  1. I LOVE the picture you used, it is so cosy and cute. (o:

  2. How nice to meet you! And what a lovely 'place' you have here. Thank you for stopping by my sadly neglected blog, and causing me to remember how much I like this poem I put in the sidebar so long ago! I notice that you and I share the same favorite books. It makes me feel like I know someone a bit to know that they love Elizabeth Goudge. And yes, I'm one of those bookish Americans who can't get enough of England...Blessings to you from Minnesota.

  3. Michele - it is a lovely picture isn't it? I want to lie down in front of that fire!

    Melissa - your blog is beautiful, I loved your pictures. This poem was so moving I had to share it! Thanks for stopping by.