Thursday, 3 February 2011

Me resistant oven glove

I have a gift. In our married life I have set fire to two pairs of oven gloves and now I have burned right through the third pair.

I put the glove directly onto the grill element and it burned right through to my finger and left a weird brown burn/stain.

In despair my dear husband has bought me some 'indestructible' oven gloves. "Well, they haven't met me!" I challenged.

Allegedly they are flame resistant, high heat resistant, non-slip, 'safe grip!. We'll see.

They also make my hands look huge. Like those pointy sport's fingers you get at big sporting events. I did suggest I could wear them at church for some very noticeable hand waving during worship. ;)

Note: If you set fire to oven gloves you will have to leave the house. They give off the most toxic smoke. More toxic than a grill handle, but that's another story. The most recent oven glove didn't set on fire, but I did render them unusable.

I'm quite the chef/pyromaniac.


  1. Its all true.
    This is the last shot with oven gloves.
    if she destroy's these then we are moving on to Gauntlets!!

  2. LOL!!! You are so funny! Glad you aren't hurt and I hope you keep a fire extinguisher handy. (o:

  3. Thankfully it was the oven mitt and not your hand. Those new mitts look interesting :) ~Alana~

  4. Oh Sara, I love your blogs! Just stay safe and try not to hurt yourself. Betty from Texas

  5. Lol hubs, gauntlets eh? :) x

    Michele - we don't have a fire extinguisher, I think that needs to be our next purchase!! :)

    Alana - the mitts are a bit cumbersome because they're so huge.

    Betty - thanks! :) I'm a danger apparently ;)

  6. If they're a bit big perhaps you'll drop something and break your toe instead of a burn now!