Saturday, 29 January 2011

It's worth making even a small stand

"It is a poverty that a "child must die", So that you may live as you wish."

~ Mother Teresa

I recently found out that an organisation I belong to had decided to encourage its local branches to support the pro-choice campaign. This upset me as I am pro-life. I was going to withdraw from this particular organisation but decided to ask my pastor's advice. He advised me to speak to my particular branch's secretary to express my concern and to ask that my money would not be used to support the pro-choice campaign.

I wrote to him and simply said that I was a Christian and vehemently against abortion and that I didn't want my money to be used in support of the pro-choice campaign. Basically, if this wouldn't be possible then I would be withdrawing my membership.

I was so pleased to receive an email from our branch secretary letting me know that our local branch had voted and had agreed NOT to support the campaign. I am so pleased. Who knows how many others had expressed concern, but it was certainly worth making my views known. Perhaps my concern was the tipping point, you never know. I hope that all the branches would vote this way.


  1. Yeah for you! I'm happy you were willing to take the time to follow through with your concerns. So many times I find myself concerned but just bellyache about it when I should get involved in making my voice count.

  2. Good for you for taking the time to check it out more thoroughly and for being willing to take a stand. (o:

  3. Good for You!!!So many times we don't do any thing but complain about what is going on. You checked it out-just didn't quit and YOU MADE A DIFFERENCE!

  4. Aren't you glad you found out your concern had been addressed.

  5. Well done! And so good to hear the branch took that decision.