Saturday, 29 January 2011

Definition of porch

In America this is a porch...

In Britain, this is a porch...

So, when Rascal Flatts sing, "Sittin' on the porch drinking ice cold Cherry-Coke," I have a totally different image. It's a bit precarious up there and at any moment one might just fall off, or at least spill one's drink.

I rather prefer the American porch. It's a bit roomier and you can add a swing. When you're 'sitting on the porch' you are aren't on the roof.



  1. I wish I had a three-season porch...but alas - all I have is a front stoop.

  2. Ah,the porch. A great place to sit with friends for tea or coffee. Also a place for pots for flowers or at my house tomato plants. In winter its just another place to shovel snow off.

  3. Melissa - is that what they're called? A 'three-season porch'? They're lovely. If a house had one here in the UK we'd most likely call it a veranda I think.

    Lol Joyce, and what about leaves in Autumn do they collect there too? I'd love an American style porch.

  4. Those American porches are lovely aren't they. What we would call verandahs. But I'm happy with my British porch, it's a big one and a useful place to dry the dog off on rainy days and a place to put wellies and boots.

  5. Jan I'd love a porch on the front, somewhere to store muddy wellies, etc.